We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 8/18: September 2004 - May 2005

A Palestinian brandishing a 12 cm knife attempted to stab soldiers
deployed at a checkpoint in Hebron. Soldiers spotted the Palestinian running
towards them hollering threats that he was going to kill them.
Soldiers fired warning shots in the air but the assailant continued
charging them. Soldiers opened fire, fatally wounding the attacker.
- May 29, 2005
Israel Defense Forces soldiers at the Hawara roadblock south of Shechem
arrested a 14-year-old Palestinian boy in possession of two pipe bombs.
- May 22, 2005
Palestinians fired 36 mortars at Gush Katif Settlements.
A set of salvos damaged a Gush Katif hothouse and lightly wounded
a civilian near a Neve Dekalim synagogue.
- May 18, 2005
ter3995.jpg ter3996.jpg ter3997.jpg ter3998.jpg
A Palestinian terrorist was shot to death after he attempted to stab
IDF soldiers at an Israeli checkpoint. The incident occurred at the
eastern exit from Tul Karem - a PA-controlled city that Israel
recently handed over to PA security control.
- May 16, 2005
Palestinian Authority terrorists fired an anti-tank rocket at a school vehicle
traveling to Kfar Darom. In another attack in the area, an anti-tank rocket
was fired at IDF forces near the community of Netzer-Hazani.
No injuries were reported in either incident.
- May 6, 2005
Arab terrorists fired Kassam rockets at the city of Sderot,
heavily damaging a home.
- May 5, 2005
An Israeli soldier was killed during a raid early Monday morning
near Saide, north of Tulkarm, as soldiers pursued wanted members of
the Islamic Jihad. - May 2, 2005
Staff-Sergeant Dan Talesnikov z"l - Age 21
funeral funeral funeral funeral
Palestinians fired mortar shells at Gush Katif. The first shell lightly injured
a soldier, and the second and third blasts did not cause injury or damage
- April 27, 2005
ter3986.jpg ter3987.jpg
Shots were fired at an Israeli car traveling on the Azun bypass road,
east of Kalkilya. Several bullets hit the car but no one was wounded.
- April 27, 2005
Two Palestinians, aged 14 and 15, who were paid NIS 100 apiece
to detonate a bagful of bombs near soldiers at the Jalameh crossing
north of Jenin, were arrested near the checkpoint.
- April 27, 2005
ter3984.jpg ter3985.jpg
Three Kassam rockets were fired over the Sabbath at Jewish targets.
One hit an electric wire north of Gaza near Yad Mordechai,
while another landed in the town of N'vei Dekalim in Gush Katif.
A third one fell harmlessly in PA-controlled territory.
- April 23, 2005
An Israeli soldier was wounded Saturday when an Arab terrorist
stabbed him in the neck and snatched his gun. The incident occurred
at the entrance to the Jewish town of Ganim in northern Samaria.
- April 23, 2005
Israeli soldiers arrested a 17 year-old Palestinian at the Beit Furik
checkpoint near Shechem. He was carrying four explosive devices.
- April 22, 2005
ter3982.jpg ter3983.jpg
Three Israel Defense Forces soldiers were wounded this afternoon after an
explosive device was detonated near a security fence close to the
Kfar Aza kibbutz in the northern Gaza Strip. One of the injured soldiers
sustained moderate wounds and was taken to the Soroka hospital
in Be'er Sheva for treatment.
- April 21, 2005
An Arab sniper in Rafiach opened fire at Israelis who were working on a
new walled security zone. An IDF soldier was wounded and a civilian
crane operator was lightly wounded.
The soldier is listed in moderate condition.
- April 18, 2005
A 15-year-old Palestinian carrying five pipe bombs was arrested by soldiers
at the Hawara checkpoint outside of Shechem when he attempted
to detonate one of the bombs near them.
- April 12, 2005
ter3978.jpg ter3979.jpg
Over 100 mortar shells have landed in Gush Katif,
a 24 hour record for those embattled communities.
- April 10, 2005
ter3975.jpg ter3976.jpg ter3977.jpg
Arab terrorists Saturday night renewed their offensive against Israel,
launching 56 Kassam rockets and mortal shells on Jewish towns
in Gush Katif after Israeli soldiers killed three arms smugglers.
- April 9, 2005
ter3971.jpg ter3972.jpg ter3973.jpg ter3974.jpg
A Kassam rocket fired by Palestinians in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza
landed in an open area between Kibbutz Nir Am and the
outskirts of Sderot on Thursday night. No one was wounded
and no damage reported.
- April 7, 2005
A Palestinian terrorist sniper shot and wounded a man in the greenhouses of
Morag, in Gush Katif. He is listed in moderate-to-serious condition.
- April 5, 2005
A bomb was detonated against IDF soldiers operating in the Rafiah area of
southern Gaza. No one was hurt.
- April 5, 2005
Two Arabs of the Palestinian Authority were arrested at a roadblock
southwest of Shechem, near Mt. Gerizim, after they tried to smuggle
3 pipe bombs past the checkpoint. One of the terrorist then tried to
stab one of the soldiers with a knife, but was quickly subdued.
The explosives were detonated in a controlled manner by IDF sappers.
- April 4, 2005
Arab terrorists fired a Kassam rocket from Gaza toward the town of Sderot
in the western Negev Sunday night, but failed to injure anybody.
- March 20, 2005

Arab terrorists in the Shomron targeted Israeli vehicles with firebombs.
The vehicles were damaged, but inhabitants were uninjured and
continued on their way to the nearby Jewish community of
Elon Moreh, near Shechem.
- March 20, 2005

Three soldiers and a policeman were wounded in a shooting attack in the
Al-Amari refugee camp south of Ramallah while searching for stolen cars.
Two of the soldiers, from the Combat Engineers Corps, were seriously wounded.
- March 20, 2005
The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (part pf Fatah) held a public rally in Gaza,
with weapons in full site.
- March 17, 2005
ter3964.jpg ter3965.jpg ter3966.jpg ter3967.jpg
An Arab terrorist sprayed gunfire at Israelis standing at the entrance
to the Machpela Cave, the tomb of the Biblical Patriarchs in Hevron.
Four people were injured including a Border Guard soldier who
sustained serious wounds.
- March 7, 2005
wounded wounded ter3963.jpg
A carbomb exploded harmlessly outside Joseph's Tomb
while some 500 Jewish worshipers were visiting.
- March 3, 2005
A weapons factory was discovered by IDF forces during an operation
in the Arab-populated town of Yamoun, northwest of Jenin.
The factory was hidden in a secret room 15 feet below a metal works shop
and contained seven pipe bombs, chemicals and explosives, as well
as parts for building rifles. They also found a completed Kassam rocket,
as well as others in various stages of preparation.
- March 2, 2005
Two Israelis were wounded, one moderately, when shots were fired
at an Israeli security patrol at Kfar Ha'Oranim located east of
Modi'in in the Binyamin district.
- February 28, 2005
wounded wounded
Israeli soldiers found and neutralized a truck near Mevo Dotan in
Samaria that was packed with 500 kilograms (1,200 pounds) of explosives.
Security forces said that there are currently 42 warnings of terrorist attacks.
- February 28, 2005
The Islamic Jihad held a public rally in Hebron
two days after the Tel-Aviv bomb attack.
This group claimed responsibility for the Tel-Aviv bomb attack.
- February 28, 2005
ter3953.jpg ter3954.jpg ter3955.jpg ter3956.jpg
An Arab woman attempted to stab a border policeman with a knife
in Hebron. The woman was shot and seriously wounded.
The border policeman was not hurt in the incident.
- February 26, 2005
A Palestinian Islamic Jihad suicide bomber Friday night
killed three men and a woman and injured more than 50 others
at a Tel Aviv nightclub on the boardwalk near the beach.
- February 25, 2005

February 28 Update: Odelia Hobera z"l died of her wounds.
Yael Orbach z"l - Age 28 (was to marry in 3 weeks)
Itzik Buzaglo z"l - Age 40
Aryeh Nagar z"l - Age 36
Ronen Rubenov z"l - Age 28
Odelia Hobera z"l - Age 26
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded (R)
wounded wounded wounded ter3926.jpg
ter3927.jpg ter3928.jpg ter3929.jpg ter3930.jpg
ter3931.jpg ter3932.jpg ter3933.jpg ter3934.jpg
ter3935.jpg ter3936.jpg ter3937.jpg ter3938.jpg
Forty one Kassam rockets and mortar shells have landed on Gaza Strip
settlements since 2:00 a.m. Thursday, hitting settlements in Gush Katif,
southern Gaza, and northern Gaza.
No one was hurt in the attacks, though one house in N'vei Dekalim
suffered a direct hit, and electricity was out in most of Gush Katif -
the bloc of Jewish communities in southern Gaza - for several hours.
- February 10, 2005
ter3910.jpg ter3911.jpg ter3912.jpg ter3913.jpg
Four Israel Defense Forces soldiers were wounded when
Palestinian gunmen opened fire on their jeep near the
settlement of Eshkolot, southwest of Hebron.
Two of the soldiers are said to be in moderate-to-serious
condition at Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva, while
the two others were lightly wounded.
Two additional Israel Defense Forces soldiers were lightly wounded
and an armed Palestinian was killed in an attack at the Gush Katif
junction in the Gaza Strip.
- February 3, 2005
Soldiers manning the Hawara checkpoint outside of Shechem arrested a
15-year-old Palestinian youth who tried to smuggle an explosive belt
in his bag. A home made weapon was also found in his bag,
in addition to 20 bullets.
- February 3, 2005
5 mortar shells launched from Gaza landed in Gush Katif.
Two people were treated for shock and several cars
were damaged.
- February 1, 2005
8 mortar shells launched from Gaza landed in Gush Katif Jewish
communities of Nívei Dekalim and Gadid. One shell hit a home in
Nívei Dekalim, destroying a kitchen but failing to injure any of the
- January 31, 2005
Hamas (which publicly supports terror attacks against Israel) swept
seven out of ten councils in the Gaza Strip's first local elections.
- January 29, 2005
ter3903.jpg ter3904.jpg ter3905.jpg ter3906.jpg
Two soldiers were wounded when an anti-tank rocket was fired
at an IDF bulldozer. One soldier is reported in moderate condition,
and the other was wounded lightly. The attack occurred near Nissanit,
not far from the Erez checkpoint in the Gaza Strip.
- January 19, 2005
A Shin Bet officer was killed and 8 security personnel were wounded,
when a Palestinian suicide bomber detonated explosives in an
area designated for inspecting suspicious persons and vehicles,
at the Gush Katif junction.
- January 18, 2005
Oded Sharon z"l - Age 36, a father of three from Gan Yavneh.
wounded (R) wounded ter3894.jpg ter3895.jpg
A 17-year-old girl was critically wounded Saturday evening
when a Qassam rocket landed in a residential area in
the southern city of Sderot.
Four other people were hurt in the attack.
- January 15, 2005
Update January 21, 2005:
Ella Abukasis z"l - Age 17 died of her wounds.
Ella Abukasis z"l - Age 17
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded girl ter3888.jpg ter3889.jpg ter3890.jpg
A seven-year-old boy sustained a complicated injury
to a hand on the Sabbath when a mortar shell landed
next to a Netzarim community synagogue.
Doctors at Soroka Medical Center in Beíer Sheva
are fighting to save his severed hand.
A second person was lightly injured in the attack.
- January 15, 2005
wounded boy
Six Israelis were killed and five were wounded when
Palestinian suicide bombers and gunmen attacked the
Karni Crossing in the Gaza Strip.
- January 13, 2005
Dror Gizri z"l - Age 31 from S'derot
Herzl Shlomo z"l - Age 51 from S'derot
Ivan Shmilov z"l - Age 51 from S'derot
Ofir Tiri z"l - Age 23 from Ashkelon
Munam Abu Sabih RIP - Age 33 from Kfar Diburiyah
Ibrahim Kahili RIP - Age 46 from Um Inam
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter3868.jpg
ter3869.jpg ter3870.jpg ter3871.jpg ter3872.jpg
An Israeli, father of five, was killed and four Israel Defense
Forces troops were wounded when an explosive device went off
along a patrol route near the settlement of Morag in the
southern Gaza Strip.
- January 12, 2005
Gideon Rivlin z"l - Age 50
funeral funeral ter3864.jpg
A number of mortar shells fell near a synagogue
packed with worshippers in Netzer Hazani, blowing out the windows
as worshippers attended morning prayer services for the
new Jewish month of Shvat. Miraculously, no one was injured.
- January 11, 2005
Nissim Arbiv, 26, from the Gaza Strip Jewish community of Nissanit,
died of the wounds he had sustained in the mortar attack in Gaza on
January 2, 2005.
- January 11, 2005
Nissim Arbiv z"l - Age 26
Three Kassam rockets landed in southern pre-1967 Israel -
in Kibbutz Or HaNer, Kibbutz Gavim and near Yad Mordehai.
There are no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
- January 9, 2005
An Israeli soldier was killed and three other soldiers and
a civilian were wounded in two shootings on Road 505
between the Tapuah junction and Migdalim, south of
Shchem in Samaria.
- January 7, 2005
Sergeant Yosef (Yossi) Attiah z"l - Age 21
wounded ter3858.jpg ter3859.jpg
Twelve Israeli soldiers were wounded, when Palestinians fired
rockets into an army base near the Erez crossing
A rocket also landed in Kibbutz Gavim in the Negev.
- January 5, 2005
wounded wounded wounded Map of attacked area
Four mortar shells fired by Arab terrorists landed close to a school bus
from Nisanit, in northern Gaza, as it passed the Erez Industrial Zone.
Two adults escorting the children in the bus were hit with shrapnel
from the impact. They sustained light injuries and were transported
to the hospital by Magen David Adom emergency services.
At least two children were treated for shock.
The Arab terrorists also shelled Sderot in the Negev and
N'vei Dekalim in Gaza.
- January 4, 2005
Over the past 2 weeks many rockets have been launched from Gaza.
The worldwide press has not published pictures even when
there are injuries. However, many pictures are published daily of
Palestinian presidential candidate Mahmoud Abbas campaign rallies
- January 2005
Our "new" "peace partners". - January 1-5, 2005
ter3852.jpg ter3853.jpg ter3854.jpg ter3855.jpg
Arab terrorists exploded two shells at the Erez Industrial Park and
checkpoint in northern Gaza. One of them a direct hit on a
25-year-old resident of Nisanit. He is listed in critical condition.
- January 2, 2005

January 11, 2005 Update:
Nissim Arbiv, 26, from the Gaza Strip Jewish community of Nissanit,
died of the wounds he had sustained in the mortar attack in Gaza.
Nissim Arbiv z"l - Age 26
Palestinian fired 14 mortar shells at the Netzer Hazani settlement in
southern Gaza Strip. One man was wounded.
- December 23, 2004
A Bedouin citizen from Rahat was murdered by Arab terrorists
while guarding the separation fence being constructed near
the community of Shekef.
- December 22, 2004
Salem (Sami) al-Kimlat RIP - Age 28
A mother of four from Moshav Nehusha, just south of Beit Shemesh,
was was stabbed to death at the door to her house, apparently by
a terrorist who infiltrated the perimeter fence.
- December 21, 2004
Ariella Fahima z"l - Age 39 (no picture yet)
11 Kassam rockets landed in Sderot.
Six people were treated in Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon: two were
lightly wounded by fragments, and four were treated for trauma.
Several others were treated locally.
- December 18-19, 2004
Eleven soldiers of the Givati Brigade were lightly wounded when
a salvo of three mortar shells exploded next to the Narkiss outpost
near Atzmona in Gush Katif.
- December 16, 2004
An IDF officer and an Israeli civilian were moderately wounded and
three soldiers were lightly wounded when a Palestinian terrorist fired
shots at vehicles traveling on the Kissufim-Gush Katif road.
- December 15, 2004
A female worker from Thailand was killed in a mortar shell attack
in Gadid, in southern Gush Katif. Three other Thai workers were
wounded in the attack.
- December 14, 2004
Jitrada Tap-arsa RIP - Age 19
wounded wounded ter3844.jpg - Menorah Lighting
Five Israeli soldiers were killed and six were wounded when
a tunnel filled with explosives blew up underneath the side of an
IDF post near the Rafah terminal in the southern Gaza Strip.
After the explosion, two Palestinian gunmen throwing grenades and
firing rifles infiltrated the post, while other Palestinians fired
mortar shells and directed light weapons fire at the position.
Hamas and Fatah claimed responsibility for the attack, and that
one and a half tons of explosives were placed in barrels
inside the tunnel for the blast.
- December 12, 2004
The fallen soldiers were from the Beduin Desert Reconnaissance Battalion
Sergeant Sayid Jaja RIP - Age 19 from Ararah
Sergeant Araf al-Zabarga RIP - Age 19 from Kseifeh
Adham Samir Shehada RIP - Age 19 from Turan
Tarek al-Zidaina RIP - Age 20 from Rahat
Hussein Abu Lile RIP - Age 23 from Ein Mahil
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded ter3822.jpg ter3823.jpg
ter3824.jpg area map
Close to ten mortar shells and 1-2 Kassam rockets have been fired
at and exploded in Jewish towns in Gaza on Saturday night and Sunday.
This follows the eight shells that hit N'vei Dekalim on Friday.
No one was hurt on Sunday, though eight people were wounded on Friday,
including one who was taken in serious condition to Soroka Hospital in
Be'er Sheva.
- December 10-12, 2004
An Israeli soldier was killed when a bomb exploded during an operation
to locate a tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip. Four other soldiers were
wounded in the explosion, one seriously and one moderately.
- December 7, 2004
Staff Sergeant Nadav Kudinsky z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral
ter3814.jpg ter3815.jpg
An Israel Defense Forces officer was killed and another officer was
lightly injured when a smuggling tunnel dug by Palestinians collapsed
under the Philadelphi Route on the Egypt-Israel border.
- November 29, 2004
Captain Moshe Taranto z"l - Age 23
funeral funeral funeral funeral
Post Arafat: They still want to kill us.
- November 26-29, 2004
ter3797.jpg ter3798.jpg ter3799.jpg ter3800.jpg
ter3801.jpg ter3802.jpg ter3803.jpg ter3804.jpg
Two IDF soldiers were wounded when they were shot by a
Palestinian terrorist sniper in southern Gush Katif. One of the two was
hit in his face or head, while the other was lightly wounded in his hand.

Three Israelis were wounded in a mortar shell attack near N'vei Dekalim
in southern Gaza. They are listed in light-to-moderate condition.
- November 3, 2004
Three people were killed and 38 wounded (8 in serious condition)
when a Palestinian suicide bomber blew up at a cheese deli in
the busy Carmel Market in central Tel Aviv.
The suicide bomber was a 16 year old.
- November 1, 2004
wounded wounded
Shmuel Levy z"l - Age 65
Leah Levine z"l - Age 64
Tatiana Ackerman z"l - Age 32 (no picture yet)
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter3781.jpg ter3782.jpg ter3783.jpg ter3784.jpg
ter3785.jpg ter3786.jpg ter3787.jpg
A 19-year-old Israeli was severely wounded when a mortar shell
landed and exploded near the entrance to the Kfar Darom synagogue.
The shell was one of 17 mortar shells fired at settlements
in central and southern Gaza during the morning.
- October 31, 2004
An Israeli soldier was killed and six other soldiers were
in a mortar shell attack on an Israel Defense Forces outpost at
the settlement of Morag in the southern Gaza Strip.
- October 28, 2004
Sergeant Michael Chizik z"l - Age 21
Two IDF soldiers, one of them an officer, were seriously wounded
when an anti-tank missile was fired at their tank in Khan Yunis.
- October 25, 2004
An Israeli solider was killed near Rafah when a bomb blew up
near troops inspecting a tunnel opening on the Philadelphi Route
near the Israel-Egypt border.
- October 21, 2004
Sergeant Major Moshe Elmaliah z"l - Age 34
funeral funeral funeral
An Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed when Palestinian gunmen
fired on an IDF base south of the near the community of
Mevo Datan in northern Samaria. - October 19, 2004
Staff Sergeant Yair Tourjeman z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
Two soldiers were very lightly injured when terrorists
fired an anti-tank rocket at an IDF bulldozer operating on the
Philadelphi Route in southern Gaza.
- October 19, 2004
Two PA residents are in custody after throwing rocks at
soldiers manning the Kalandia Checkpoint on Jerusalem's
northern border as well as trying to grab a weapon from one soldier.
No injuries were reported.
- October 19, 2004
A terrorist standing on the side of the road near Adorayim
in the Hevron Hills fired at an Israeli vehicle, hitting it.
Miraculously, the motorist emerged physically unharmed.
- October 19, 2004
An IDF officer was moderately wounded at the Kissufim Crossing
in the Gaza region when the force he commanded encountered
Arab terrorists. - October 18, 2004
At least 37 people were killed and over 160 were wounded,
both Israelis and other nationals, in two terror attacks against
resorts in Sinai packed with Israelis.
- October 8, 2004

Pictures of the attacks have been posted on the world terrorism page.
Click here to go to the page.
A worker from Thailand was killed when three armed terrorists with
explosives belts infiltrated the hothouses area of the Jewish town of
Kfar Darom in the central Gaza Strip.
- October 6, 2004
Pratheep Nanongkham z.i.p. - Age 24
An IDF soldier was killed and two wounded, one seriously,
when terrorists attempted to infiltrate their position
on the outskirts of Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza.
- September 30, 2004
Staff Sergeant Gil'ad Fisher z"l
A Israeli woman and an IDF soldier were killed when Palestinians
opened fire on them between the northern Gaza settlements of Alei Sinai
and Nissanit. The Israeli woman was hit as she was jogging along the
road between the two settlements and died immediately.
A medic tried to give the woman medical care, thinking she may have
survived the attack, but then a hand grenade was thrown at him and
he too was killed on the spot.
- September 30, 2004
Shulamit Batito z"l - Age 36
Sergeant Victor Ariel z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
Two Israeli toddlers were killed and 26 people were wounded
when a kassam rocket, launched from Gaza, landed in the
southern town of Sderot.
- September 29, 2004
Dorit Aniso z"l - Age 2
Yuval Abebeh z"l - Age 4
Picture of both kids z"l
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter3742.jpg
ter3743.jpg ter3744.jpg ter3745.jpg
An Israeli woman was killed and another was lightly wounded
when four mortar shells were fired at the Neveh Dekalim settlement,
part of the Gush Katif bloc in the southern Gaza Strip.
- September 24, 2004
Tiferet Tratner z"l - Age 24
funeral funeral funeral funeral
ter3728.jpg ter3729.jpg ter3730.jpg
An Israeli woman was wounded by shrapnel and eight other residents
were treated for shock, when a number of Kassam rockets hit the
west Negev city of Sderot. The rockets were fired from Gaza.
- September 23, 2004
One officer and two soldiers were killed and a fourth moderately-to-
seriously wounded when Palestinian terrorists infiltrated an IDF post
on the southern side of Morag, a community in south Gaza Strip.
IDF soldiers of the Givati Brigade killed the three Palestinian terrorists.
- September 24, 2004
Captain Tal Bardugo z"l - Age 22
First Sergeant Nir Sami z"l - Age 21
First Sergeant Yisrael Lutati z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded map
An attempted terrorist infiltration into Kibbutz Erez, just north of Gaza,
was thwarted. Israeli soldiers, detecting the terrorist in time, shot and
killed him. Aside his body the forces found two large explosive
packages of 40 kilograms (88 lbs.) each.
- September 22, 2004
Two border policemen were killed and 18 Israelis were wounded in a
sucide terror attack at the bus stop at Jerusalem's northern French Hill
intersection. Eyewitnesses told police that the female terrorist had tried to
enter the hitchhiking post, but had raised the suspicions of the Border
Policemen stationed there. According to the eyewitness accounts,
the woman had argued with one of the Border Policemen, who wanted
her to submit to a body search, and when the second officer approached
the two, she detonated the three to five kilogram of explosives she was
wearing on her back.
"The operation of the border police officers today prevented a very big
attack at the bus stop," Jerusalem police chief Ilan Franco said at
the scene of the explosion. - September 22, 2004
September 23 update:
The young 18-year-old female suicide terrorist, Zeinab Ali Isa Abu-Salem,
was a children's TV show hostess on a local station in Shechem.
Menasheh Komemi z"l - Age 19
Mamoya Tahio z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
wounded ter3701.jpg ter3702.jpg ter3703.jpg
ter3704.jpg ter3705.jpg ter3706.jpg ter3707.jpg
ter3708.jpg ter3709.jpg ter3710.jpg
Two Israeli soldiers were wounded in a suicide bombing near Qalkilya.
A Palestinian riding a bicycle approached IDF soldiers guarding
a gate leading to Palestinian agricultural plots between Hable and
Qalkilya in the northern West Bank. As soldiers approached the
Palestinians to conduct the necessary security checks, the Palestinian
blew himself up. Security officials estimate that the terrorist intended to
blow up inside Israel and not near the soldiers, and that the troops
thwarted an attack on civilians.
- September 14, 2004
ter3694.jpg ter3695.jpg ter3696.jpg ter3697.jpg
Five Israelis were wounded in Gaza last night and this morning as
a result of Palestinian terror and violence. An Arab sniper shot a soldier
last night during the IDF's ongoing offensive operation in Jabalya, Gaza.
The soldier was evacuated by helicopter to Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva
in moderate condition. Three people were treated for shock this morning
after a Kassam rocket exploded near Kibbutz Nir-Am, just west of Sderot.
Another Kassam landed harmlessly near Erez in northern Gaza.
One person was lightly hurt in Kfar Darom, in central Gaza, by a
Palestinian-fired mortar shell.
- September 9 - 10, 2004
Our Palestinian "Peace Partners" publicly show their intentions.
- September 9, 2004
ter3690.jpg ter3691.jpg ter3692.jpg ter3693.jpg

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