We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 14/18: July 17, 2002 - May 28, 2002

Five people were killed and 40 wounded when two suicide bombers
blew themselves up near the old central bus station in south Tel Aviv.
The attack took place in an area where many foreign workers live,
and most of the injured were foreign workers. - July 17, 2002
Boris Shamis z"l - Age 25
Adrian Andres z"l - Age 30 - of Romania
Xu Hengyong z"l - Age 39 - of China (no picture yet)
Dmitri Pundikov z"l - Age 33
wounded (R) wounded (R) wounded ter1905.jpg
ter1906.jpg (R) ter1907.jpg ter1908.jpg ter1909.jpg
An IDF officer was killed and three soldiers wounded in a fierce
exchange of fire in which one of the Palestinian gunmen responsible for
Tuesday's deadly Immanuel terror ambush was killed. - July 17, 2002
Lieutenant Elad Grenadir z"l - Age 25
ter1900.jpg ter1901.jpg
Nine people were killed and 20 wounded (8 of them in serious condition)
after terrorists detonated a roadside bomb near an armored bus and
sprayed gunfire on fleeing passengers outside the West Bank community
of Emanuel. - July 16, 2002
A newborn delivered by Caesarean section right after the attack died of
a brain injury raising the death toll in the attack to eight people.
- July 17, 2002
A ninth victim, Yocheved Ben-Hanan, died of her wounds. - July 18, 2002
Yonatan Gamliel z"l - Age 16
Karen Kashni z"l - Age 20
Ilana Siton z"l - Age 35
Galilah Ades z"l - Age 46
Sarah Shilon z"l - Age nine months old (no picture yet)
Gal Shilon z"l - Age 30 - Father of Sarah
Zilpa Kashi - Age 65 - Grandmother of Sarah
Yocheved Ben-Hanan z"l - Age 21
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
Eighth Immanuel victim was too young to have a name (article)
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter1877.jpg ter1878.jpg ter1879.jpg ter1880.jpg
ter1881.jpg ter1882.jpg ter1883.jpg ter1884.jpg
An Israeli soldier was killed by a Palestinian sniper fire
while on patrol in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. - July 10, 2002
Captain Hagai Haim Lev - Age 24
funeral funeral funeral funeral
A Palestinian killed an arab by-stander and wounded a soldier,
in a shootout with police in East Jerusalem. - July 9, 2002
ter1865.jpg ter1866.jpg ter1867.jpg
The IDF miraculously prevented a terrorist attack in Gush Katif ,
after two terrorists infiltrated the area of the greenhouses and
entered one greenhouse throwing grenades at soldiers and wounding two.
The terrorists were apprehended by IDF forces. - July 3, 2002
A bomb exploded next to a train in Lod, lightly injuring
four passengers, who suffered shock. - June 30, 2002
ter1860.jpg ter1861.jpg ter1862.jpg ter1863.jpg
Toddler Dressed as a Suicide Bomber - June 28, 2002
Palestinian baby picture stirs anger (AP Article)
End of School Celebration Play in a Gaza Kindergarten - June 23, 2002
Maariv Newspaper Hebrew Article (picture format)
Source of pictures: www.jislamia.org
ter1849.jpg ter1850.jpg ter1851.jpg ter1852.jpg
ter1853.jpg ter1854.jpg ter1855.jpg ter1856.jpg
ter1857.jpg ter1858.jpg
At least one terrorist infiltrated the settlement of Itamar near Schechem,
killing a mother and three of her eight children and the head of the
community's emergency response team.
One of the murdered children was trapped in the family's house after it
caught fire during the attack. Two of the family's other children were
wounded: a 10-year-old boy with serious gunshot wounds to the legs,
and his 13-year old sister, with moderate to serious chest wounds.
- June 20, 2002
Shabo Family Picture
Rachel Shabo z"l - Age 40 (no picture yet)
Avishai Shabo z"l - Age 5 (no picture yet)
Tzvika z"l - Age 12 (no picture yet)
Nerya Shabo z"l - Age 15 (no picture yet)
Yossi Twito z"l - Age 31
funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
wounded wounded ter1841.jpg ter1842.jpg
ter1843.jpg ter1844.jpg ter1845.jpg ter1827.jpg
A suicide bomber blew up near a hitchhiking stop in the French Hill
neighborhood of northern Jerusalem killing at least seven people and
wounding over 40 others. - June 19, 2002
Gal Eisenman z"l - Age 5
Noa Alon z"l - Age 60 (grandmother of Gal)
Hadassah Yungreis z"l - Age 20
Gila Sara Kessler z"l - Age 19
Jewish Agency memorial for Gila Sara Kessler z"l
Shmuel Yerushalmi z"l - Age 17
Michal Franklin z"l - Age 22
Tatiana Igelski z"l - Age 43
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded ter1795.jpg ter1796.jpg (R)
ter1797.jpg ter1798.jpg ter1799.jpg ter1800.jpg
ter1801.jpg (R) ter1802.jpg ter1803.jpg ter1804.jpg
ter1805.jpg ter1806.jpg
Two IDF soldiers were killed and several sounded in a firefight with
Palestinian gunmen near Kalkilya in the northern West Bank. - June 19, 2002
Major Shlomi Cohen z"l - Age 26
St.-Sgt. Joseph Talbi z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
A suicide bomber blew up on a crowded bus in Jerusalem,
killing 19 people and wounding 70. - June 18, 2002
Shiri Nagari z"l - Age 21 Family Memorial Website
Code Blue in Jerusalem (Newsweek article)
Leah Baruch z"l - Age 59
Boaz Aluf z"l - Age 54
Galila Bugala z"l - Age 11
Shani Avi-Tzedek z"l - Age 15
Michal Biazi z"l - Age 24
Dr. Moshe Gottlieb z"l - Age 70
Liat Yagen z"l - age 24
Gila Nakav z"l - Age 55
Helena Ivan z"l - Age 63
Tatiana Braslavsky z"l - Age 41
Mendel Bereson z"l - Age 72
Baruch Gruani z"l - Age 60
Raphael Berger z"l - Age 28
Iman Kabha z"l - Age 25
Orit Hayla z"l - Age 21
Raisa Dikstein z"l - Age 67 (no picture yet)
Rahamim Zidkiyahu z"l - Age 51
Yelena Plagov z"l - Age 42
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
wounded wounded ter1741.jpg ter1742.jpg
ter1743.jpg ter1744.jpg ter1745.jpg ter1746.jpg
ter1747.jpg ter1748.jpg ter1749.jpg ter1750.jpg
ter1751.jpg ter1752.jpg ter1753.jpg ter1754.jpg
ter1755.jpg ter1756.jpg ter1757.jpg ter1758.jpg
ter1759.jpg ter1760.jpg ter1761.jpg ter1762.jpg
memorial memorial memorial
Dear family and friends (article)
Two IDF soldiers who were killed in clashes with armed Palestinians near
the settlements of Alei Sinai and Dugit in the northern Gaza Strip. - June 15, 2002
June 22, 2002 Update: Lt. Anatoly Krasik z"l died of wounds sustained on June 15
Staff Sergeant Hezki Guttman z"l - Age 22
Sergeant Sergei Alexey Gladkov z"l - Age 20
Lt. Anatoly Krasik z"l - Age 22 (no picture yet)
funeral funeral funeral funeral
A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to an eatery
in the heart of Herzliya, killing a 15-year-old girl and wounding 15 others
- June 11, 2002
Hadar Hershkowitz z"l - Age 15
funeral funeral
wounded ter1726.jpg ter1727.jpg ter1728.jpg
Three students from a Kiryat Arba junior high school suffered moderate-to-
serious wounds when a bomb exploded as they left the Sde Kalev agricultural
plot near the village of Bani Naim, southeast of Hebron - June 11, 2002
wounded wounded wounded ter1724.jpg
A border policeman was stabbed and seriously wounded just outside
Herod's Gate in Jerusalem's Old City by a Palestinian attacker who
fled on foot. - June 11, 2002
wounded ter1720.jpg
Four Israelis were wounded, with two sustaining serious wounds,
one moderately wounded, and one lightly hurt, when a Palestinian terrorist
tried to infiltrate the northern Samaria community of Yitzhar shortly
before midnight. Security forces spotted the man and an intense gunbattle
ensued, with the terrorist being shot dead. - June 8, 2002
Terrorists killed three people and wounded five more in an infiltration
of the Gush Etzion community of Karmei Tzur on Shabbat morning.
- June 8, 2002
Staff Sergeant Eyal Shorek z"l - Age 23
Yael Shoreck z"l - Age 24 (wife of Eyal and was nine months pregnant)
Wedding Picture
(Res.) First Sergeant Major Shalom Mordechai - Age 35
A 'fighting family' loses a beloved daughter (article)
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
ter1704.jpg ter1705.jpg ter1706.jpg
Palestinian Rally in Gaza - June 7, 2002
ter1699.jpg ter1700.jpg ter1701.jpg ter1702.jpg
An Israeli teenager was killed as a result of injuries sustained by a
Palestinian shooting attack north of Ramallah, near the settlement of Ofra.
- June 6, 2002
Erez Rund z"l - Age 18
funeral funeral funeral
A car rigged with explosives detonated next to a bus at the
Megiddo junction near Afula killing at least 17 people and wounding 40.
- June 5, 2002
Sergeant Violetta Hizgayev z"l - Age 20
Corporal Liron Avitan z"l - Age 19
Sergeant Sariel Katz z"l - Age 21
Staff Sergeant Eliran Buskila z"l - Age 21
Staff Sergeant Zvika Gelbert z" - Age 20
Sergeant Dotan Reisel z"l - Age 22
Sergeant Yigal Nedipur z"l - Age 22
Staff Sergeant David Stanislavksy z"l - Age 23
Corporal Avraham Barzilai z"l - Age 19
Corporal Dennis Bleuman z"l - Age 20
Staff Sergeant Gennadi Issakov z"l - Age 21
Sergeant Sivan Viner z" - Age 19
Zion Agmon z"l - Age 50
Adi Dahan z"l - Age 16
Shimon Timsit z"l
Cpl. Vladimir Morari z"l - Age 19
Name not released yet
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
Funeral Funeral Funeral Funeral
ter1651.jpg ter1652.jpg ter1653.jpg ter1654.jpg
ter1655.jpg ter1656.jpg ter1657.jpg ter1658.jpg
ter1659.jpg ter1660.jpg ter1661.jpg ter1662.jpg
ter1663.jpg ter1664.jpg ter1642.jpg ter1643.jpg
ter1644.jpg ter1645.jpg ter1646.jpg ter1647.jpg
ter1648.jpg ter1649.jpg ter1650.jpg
Two bombs were neutralized without incident in northern Gaza near
the community of Dugit. - May 29, 2002
Arafat a hero in Cairo.
A food snack in support of the Intifada. - May 28, 2002
ter1637.jpg ter1638.jpg ter1639.jpg ter1640.jpg
Three yeshiva high school students were killed and two were wounded
when a terrorist infiltrated the community of Itamar, near Shechem.
The terrorists shot two of the yeshiva students as they were playing basketball
outside Yeshivat Hetzim, and then entered the building and shot the other three,
one of whom also died. The two wounded students were 14 years old.
The community's security guard spotted the terrorist and shot and killed him.
- May 28, 2002
Avraham Citon z"l - Age 17
Netanel Riachi z"l - Age 17
Gilad Stiglitz z"l - Age 14
funeral funeral wounded
One Israeli was killed and one wounded when at least one terrorist
fired shots at their car on the Ramallah bypass road. - May 28, 2002
Albert Maloul z"l - Age 50
funeral ter1619.jpg ter1620.jpg

We Should Not Forget
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