We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 6/18: January 2006 - December 2006

Arab terrorists in Gaza, launched rockets at Sderot Tuesday night,
seriously wounding two Jewish 9th-graders.
One of the boys, 14-year-old Adir Basad, was in very critical condition
throughout the night; after a series of operations, his condition stabilized in
the early morning and he is no longer in danger of his life.
The second boy, Matan Cohen, suffered moderate wounds.
Three other people were treated for shock, and a house and nearby cars
sustained heavy damage.
- December 26, 2006
wounded ter4487.jpg ter4488.jpg
Arab terrorists attacked Sderot Sunday night with a Kassam rocket that slammed
into a house next to a day-care nursery and sent several people into shock.
The house sustained heavy damage. The rocket attack was the 53rd since the
November 26th announcement by Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman
Mahmoud Abbas that there will be a total cessation of terrorist attacks
from the Gaza area in return for the withdrawal of the IDF and a halt to
Israeli counter terrorist actions.
- December 24, 2006
A security guard was stabbed and seriously wounded by an Arab terrorist
Wednesday evening at the Kalandia Checkpoint north of Jerusalem.
Two Arab men walked toward the checkpoint and, when the guard
approached them, one suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed him
in the stomach and neck. The terrorist fled the scene.
- December 14, 2006
Three Givati Brigade soldiers were wounded in an attempted suicide attack
by a 57 year old Palestinian Authority grandmother who detonated the
black explosives belt that was strapped to her body when her attempt
to reach the soldiers failed. The troops blocked the attack by throwing
a stun grenade at the Hamas terrorist, a mother of nine and grandmother
of more than 25. The soldiers were injured by the flying shrapnel from
the explosion. Soldiers received an intelligence warning earlier in the day
about an impending suicide attack.
- November 23, 2006
wounded grandmother suicide bomber
A Sderot factory worker was killed when a kassam rocket fired from Gaza
crashed into a factory in Sderot. The rocket landed in a chicken-production
facility, and a large fire broke out in the factory. One worker said that it was
fortunate that the rocket hit just as the workers were taking a break, "because
we can't hear the 'Color Red' warning from inside. We heard it this time
because we were outside, and most of us were able to run for cover."
- November 21, 2006
Yaakov Yaakobov z"l - Age 43
funeral funeral
A woman was killed and a man lost his legs when two Kassam rockets fired from
Gaza landed Wednesday morning in downtown Sderot.
Another Qassam rocket slammed into Sderot Wednesday evening,
seriously wounding a 17-year-old boy and lightly wounding three other people.
Sixteen rockets hit the western Negev over the course of Wednesday,
including four in Ashkelon and 12 in Sderot.
- November 15, 2006
Fatima Slutsker r.i.p. - Age 57
funeral funeral funeral wounded
wounded ter4473.jpg ter4474.jpg ter4475.jpg
Five more rockets were fired at Sderot and the western Negev today,
with one landing just outside the office of the Yeshiva dean in Sderot.
No one was hurt.
- November 9, 2006
Kassam rockets were launched from Gaza throughout the day,
striking the western Negev and the city of Ashkelon for the second day straight.
No injuries resulted from Wednesday’s attacks, though one woman went into
cardiac arrest when a rocket landed in the center of Sderot Wednesday morning.
Other rockets caused extensive damage and fires.
- November 8, 2006
The communities of Sderot, Carmit and Netiv Ha’asara were targeted by
Kassam rockets launched from Gaza.
The terrorists have succeeded in launching the rockets despite a military operation
currently underway to prevent the attacks. Several people were treated for shock.
- November 2, 2006
ter4463.jpg ter4464.jpg ter4465.jpg
An Israeli soldier was killed during a clash with terrorists in Beit Hanoun,
the PA-controlled Gaza town from which rockets are fired on Sderot.
- November 1, 2006
Staff Sergeant Kiril Golenshein z"l - Age 21
funeral funeral funeral
Gazan terrorists fired four Kassam rockets at Sderot, in two separet volleys.
Two women were sent to the hospital with shrapnel wounds that
were later termed "light," and several people were treated for shock.
One rocket caused damage to a factory in the city's industrial zone.
- November 1, 2006
2-4 Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza at Sderot and the western Negev,
damaging a building and sending a woman into shock.
- October 29, 2006
A Palestinian terrorist opened fire and wounded an Israeli
truck driver on the road outside Peduel in the Shomron.
Of the many bullets fired, two hit the truck and one hit the driver in
his leg. Despite losing much blood, he was able to continue driving
to the gate of the community, where he received first aid.
- October 19, 2006
This week the IDF found and destroyed 15 Smuggling Tunnels
in the Philadelphi Corridor between Gaza and Egypt.
"We found four tunnels within 500-meter strip," the commander of the
mission said, "so you can imagine how many there are in total."
The Philadelphi Corridor is roughly 15 kilometers long, running between
the Mediterranean Sea and the former Jewish communities of Rafiah Yam
and Pe'at Sadeh in the north, to the Kerem Shalom border point in the south.
The openings of the tunnels are well camouflaged, with one of them opening up
inside a tomato greenhouse.
- October 19, 2006
ter4455.jpg ter4456.jpg ter4457.jpg
Terrorists fired a barrage of Kassam rockets from the Northern Gaza Strip
toward Israel during the day Saturday, directly hitting a house in the
Negev town of Sderot. Magen David Adom paramedics who arrived at the
scene reported that one person had sustained light injuries and that
three people were treated for shock. - September 30, 2006
Two extra-powerful Gaza-fired rockets hit Sderot this morning,
wounding a female soldier with shrapnel.
- September 26, 2006
Three Kassam rockets fired on Israel from Gaza,
damaged vehicles and hit an empty classroom at the Sh'ar HaNegev
College in the northwestern Negev.
- September 25, 2006
Two Kasam rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza.
One rocket that landed in the field of Kibbutz Erez wounded a15-year old
Bedouin boy with shrapnel in the chest. The second rocket hit the city of Sderot
where one woman was treated for shock.
- September 20, 2006
Three Kasam rockets were launched at Israel this morning, causing
injuries and some panic. In Sderot a rocket landed just seconds after the
sounding of the Red Color early-warning alarm (replacing Red Dawn).
One person suffered injuries categorized as light, and several people
were treated for shock; they were evacuated to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon.
Several cars and buildings were damaged, and an electric line was also downed for
a short while.
- September 17, 2006
An IDF soldier was killed in a gun battle with Palestinian Authority
terrorists near what used to be the Kisufim Crossing in Gaza.
The IDF Bedouin tracker r.i.p. was a father of 10 children.
The family requested that his name not be published.
- September 12, 2006
An Arab terrorist stabbed a Jewish worker in the Atarot industrial zone,
located in northern Jerusalem. The victim, who appears to be in his 60's,
suffered wounds in his shoulder.
- September 5, 2006
One IDF soldier was shot dead in an attack by Palestinian terrorists.
The attacker was killed and another suspect was captured. The attack took
place at the Bekaot Checkpoint, in the Jordan Valley. The shooter approached
the soldiers stationed at the checkpoint and opened fire at close range.
- August 19, 2006
St.-Sgt. Ro'i Farjoun z"l - Age 21
An Italian who was here to help Palestinians in Ramallah establish
clubs and educational activities for childrenwas, was stabbed to death by
an Arab knifeman while walking with friends on Sultan Suleiman street
in east Jerusalem.
- August 10, 2006
Angelo Frammartino rip - Age 21 of Monte Rotondo, Italy
The burnt corpse of the resident of the Samarian community of Yakir was
discovered in the trunk of his burnt car Thursday evening, several hours after
his family reported him missing.
Police have concluded he was kidnapped and then murdered.
- July 27, 2006
Dr. Daniel Yaakobi z"l - Age 60
An Arab terrorist approached a checkpoint near the Armon HaNatziv
neighborhood of Jerusalem and shot two Border Guard policemen, wounding one
moderately-to-seriously and the other lightly. The terrorist had surveyed
the checkpoint for several days before attacking. One of the wounded officers
managed to fire back and killed the attacker.
- July 27, 2006
An Israeli soldier was killed by an explosive device in Shechem while engaged
in anti-terrorist activity. Six other soldiers were wounded.
The Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility for the attack.
- July 17, 2006
Staff Sergeant Osher Damari z"l - Age 20
ter4447.jpg ter4448.jpg ter4449.jpg
Two Kassam rockets were fired at Sderot, wounding four - one moderately -
and partially destroying a house. - July 9, 2006
ter4443.jpg ter4444.jpg ter4445.jpg
21 Kassam rockets were fired on Friday towards Israel. For the first time,
a Kassam was fired as far east as Netivot, landing near the gravesite of
the Baba Sali. Another rocket landed near Shuva, adjacent to Kfar Maimon,
causing a fire in a field. No one was hurt.
- July 7, 2006
Arab terrorists fired an upgraded Kassam rocket from northern Gaza
Tuesday evening, hitting, for the first time, the heart of the city of Ashkelon.
The rocket fell near a school shortly after 7 PM, causing damage to the building.
No one was physically hurt. IDF sources said that an initial investigation shows
the rocket to have been fired from 9.5 kilometers away.
Rockets also continued to be fired toward Sderot over the past week.
- July 4, 2006
ter4441.jpg ter4442.jpg
An 18 year old Israeli was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists and killed.
He was kidnapped while hitchhiking to Neveh Tzuf, where he was studying.
His body was found on June 29 in Ramallah. It is believed that he was
murdered shortly after his kidnapping.
- June 29, 2006
Eliyahu Asheri z"l - Age 18
funeral funeral funeral funeral
Two Israeli soldiers were killed and four were wounded
when Palestinian terrorists attacked an IDF post near the Gaza border,
firing an anti-tank missile at the tank in which they were located.
The Palestinian terrorists also abducted an Israeli soldier.
The enemy force entered Israel through a deep tunnel they had built for
the occasion, and then, at 5:30 AM, attacked on different fronts.
- June 25, 2006
Lt. Chanan Barak z"l - Age 20
Sgt. Pavel Slotzker z"l - Age 20
Abducted Soldier
wounded wounded wounded ter4428.jpg
map ter4430.jpg praying for the soldier
praying for the soldier praying for the soldier praying for the soldier
Arab terrorists attacked two Jewish girls on Thursday, kidnapping one
while they stood at a hitchhiking station at the Rechelim junction on
Highway 60 in Shomron.
They were caught a short time later near the Yesha community of Eli,
and the troops found the girl in the terrorists' vehicle.
The girl, who suffered back and face injuries, was taken to Shaare Tzedek
Medical Center in Jerusalem, where she was treated and released.
- June 15, 2006
Six rockets were fired at Sderot and other areas in the Western Negev,
causing both injuries and damage in the attacks. One rocket landed in
the industrial zone, slamming into the “Universe” factory where one man
suffered shrapnel wounds to his eyes. The roof of the factory collapsed
after sustaining the direct hit.
- June 15, 2006
Palestinian terrorists shot and killed and Israeli-Arab.
The victim, of the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood Abu Tor, was shot
as he drove east between the Ofer army base and the Atarot Junction.
Preliminary investigation shows that the terrorists prepared an ambush,
waited for a car with Israeli license plates, and opened fire. - June 14, 2006
Marwan Abed Shweika r.i.p. - Age 35
Arabs in Gaza launched over 30 Kassam rockets at Sderot.
One of the rockets landed near an elementary school in the city,
wounding one man seriously (critical condition) and sending two women
to the hospital to be treated for shock.
- June 11, 2006
ter4415.jpg ter4416.jpg ter4417.jpg ter4418.jpg
Arabs in Gaza launched 7 Kassam rockets at Sderot.
One smashed into a child's bedroom and one landed near a school.
The rocket that hit the house lightly injured a woman, who was treated
by emergency forces on the spot and was then taken to Barzilai Hospital
in Ashkelon. The second Kassam, near the school, damaged several
parked cars, and several people were treated on the scene for shock.
- June 6, 2006
Arabs in Gaza launched 4 Kassam rockets on Jewish homes early
Wednesday morning, causing damage and sending 2 people into shock.
- May 31, 2006
On Sabbath afternoon, a 14-year-old yeshiva student
sustained light injuries when he was stabbed by an Arab near
Damascus Gate in Jerusalem's Old City .
- May 27, 2006
A Jewish resident of the Galilee was attacked when he stopped
to offer assistance to a driver in distress. The latter turned out to be
an Arab terrorist, who proceeded to stab the Jew in the neck.
The incident occurred in the Shaar Binyamin area on Highway 60
between Jerusalem and Psagot.
The victim sustained injuries in his upper back and near his throat,
and was evacuated to Haddassah Hospital in Jerusalem for treatment.
- May 26, 2006
2-3 Gaza-fired rockets hit the Negev city of Sderot in the morning.
One hit an empty classroom while the students were praying in
a different room, and another caused two women to go into shock.
- May 21, 2006
ter4411.jpg ter4412.jpg ter4413.jpg ter4414.jpg
Two Israelis, a man and wife, were wounded when a Palestinian
opened fire on their vehicle, while the couple was driving on
the road between the Tapuah junction and Migdalim.
The man was listed in moderate to serious condition and
his wife was reported in mild condition.
- May 18, 2006
The Israeli navy thwarted an attempt to smuggle at least a half a ton of
explosives into Gaza from Egypt via the sea on Independence Day (May 3).
A navy patrol boat on a routine mission off the Gaza coast spotted
three suspicious vessels on the Israel-Egypt border crossing into
waters declared off limits by the IDF. As the patrol boat began to chase
the boats in an effort to seize them, the vessels deliberately sailed into
waters crowded with Arab fishing boats from Gaza. The commander of the
patrol boat then decided not to open fire on the suspect vessels in order to
avoid the possibility of hitting a fishing boat. The vessels subsequently
escaped, but not before dumping their cargo into the ocean.
A gag order prevented the media from covering the story until
Tuesday afternoon. - May 9, 2006
ter4401.jpg ter4402.jpg ter4403.jpg
9 people were killed and 66 were wounded (several very seriously) when
an Arab suicide bomber, detonated a large explosive at a
Tel Aviv fast food stand in the Neveh Sha’anan neighborhood.
The blast ripped through Falafel "Rosh Ha'ir," the same restaurant that
was hit by an attack on January 19, 2006.
- April 17, 2006

May 12: 26-year-old Lior Enidzer, succumbed to extensive wounds suffered
in the attack. Enidzer's death came a mere two weeks after his marriage to
his wife Maya.

May 14 Update: Daniel Wultz, the 16-year-old American tourist who was
critically wounded in the Pessah suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, died of his
wounds onn Sunday.
Philip Balahsan z"l - Age 45 - covered his two wounded children to protect them
Victor Erez z"l - Age 60
Binyamin Hafuta z"l - Age 47 - security guard who tried to check the bag
Ariel Darhi z"l - Age 31 (no picture yet)
Piro?ca Boda z"l - Age 50 - Romanian citizen
Rosalia Basanya z"l - Age 48 - Romanian citizen (no picture yet)
David Shaulov z"l - Age 29
Lily Yunes z"l - Age 42
Marcel Cohen z"l - Age 73 - of Nice, France
Lior Enidzer z"l - Age 26
Daniel Wultz z"l - Age 16- from Florida, USA
Article: A Promising Young Life Prematurely Committed to Sand
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded ter4369.jpg ter4370.jpg ter4371.jpg
ter4372.jpg ter4373.jpg ter4374.jpg ter4375.jpg
ter4376.jpg ter4377.jpg ter4378.jpg ter4379.jpg
Four Jews were murdered by an Arab terrorist from Fatah's Al-Aksa Brigade
who was dressed as a Jewish hitchhiker. He blew himself up inside the car of
those who picked him up near Kedumim, in Samaria.
- March 30, 2006
Helena HaLevy z"l - Age 58
Rafi HaLevy z"l - Age 63
Shaked Lasker z"l - Age 16
Re’ut Feldman z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral ter4346.jpg
A Katyusha rocket, which caused no damage, in addition to two Kassam
rockets were fired at southern Israel. The Katyusha rocket has a
range of 20 kilometers (12 miles), putting Ashdod in range of
northern Gaza.
- March 28, 2006
A Bedouin shepherd and his son were killed when they handled an
unexploded Kassam rocket near Kibbutz Nachal Oz in the western Negev.
The rockets originated from Hamas Authority-controlled Gaza.
(I did not find pictures of the victims or the funeral)
- March 28, 2006
After a high-speed car chase on the Jerusalem - Tel-Aviv highway,
Israeli forces stopped a van with a group of Palestinians who were
carrying explosives meant for a bombing in the center of the country.
- March 21, 2006
ter4343.jpg ter4344.jpg ter4345.jpg
An IDF soldier was killed in heavy fighting between army forces and
wanted terrorists in Jenin. Among the terrorists were those who
masterminded the killing of 22 Jews.
- March 16, 2006
Staff Sergeant Ido Shapira z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
Two Israelis were wounded by terrorist fire as they drove
north of the Tapuach Junction between Shechem and Shilo.
- March 16, 2006
Kassam rockets fired at Sderot and the Negev areas almost every day.
No injuries reported. The IDF artillery forces continue bombarding
rocket-launching areas in the Gaza Strip.
Concern over a possible Kassam rocket attack on the Rotenberg Power
Station in southern Ashkelon has led to new guidelines at the plant:
Not to walk in groups or to eat together in the dining rooms.
The station supplies a quarter of Israel's electricity.
- March 1-15, 2006
An Israeli truck driver was stabbed by an arab co-worker
in the parking lot of a factory in Atarot, north of Jerusalem.
The man is his 30s and his condition is moderately-to-seriously.
- March 2, 2006
ter4332.jpg ter4333.jpg
Two shooting attacks occured within two hours.
An Israeli was shot and killed in a terrorist attack at a gas station
just outside the settlement of Migdalim, southeast of Shechem.
A second man was seriously wounded shortly following,
in a shooting near Nebe Elias, east of Kalkilya.
- March 1, 2006
Eldad Abir z"l - Age 48
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded ter4328.jpg ter4329.jpg
ter4330.jpg ter4331.jpg
An Arab terrorist tried to murder a group of people waiting for
buses and rides at the main Gush Etzion Junction.
The terrorist wounded two before he was shot.
- February 28, 2006
ter4322.jpg ter4323.jpg ter4324.jpg
Five Kassam rockets fired from Gaza hit the western Negev
and north-of-Gaza areas. They were launched from the former
Jewish communities of Dugit and Elei Sinai. Over 200 Kassams
have been fired at Israel from Gaza so far this month .
- February 23, 2006
The Israel Defense Forces blew up an explosives factory in
Shechem, as part of a major operation that the army has been
conducting in the city for the last three days.
- February 22, 2006
Military censors have permitted the publication of the capture of a
group of Fatah terrorists preparing to launch mortar shells at
two densely populated Jewish neighborhoods in southern Jerusalem.
The terrorists had acquired eight military-grade mortar shells and
a launcher, as well as IDF uniforms and were prepared to fire the
shells, which have a one-mile (1.5 km) range, from PA-controlled
Beit Jala at Gilo and Har Homa.
- February 21, 2006
A Kassam rocket was fired from Gaza and struck deep inside the
Ashkelon Industrial area that is home to the large Rotenberg Power Plant.
The rocket landed near a desalination facility, damaging it and
two vehicles. Workers in the industrial zone were told to
enter bomb shelters.
- February 20, 2006
Two Arab terrorists stabbed a 45-year-old Jewish man in the
northern Jerusalem suburb of Ma'aleh Adumim Saturday night.
The man remains in serious condition at Hadassah Ein Karem's
trauma ward.
- February 19, 2006
A 60-year-old woman is dead in Petah Tikvah, after a Palestinian terrorist
stabbed her and several others in a minibus. Five people are wounded,
four in serious condition. He continued swinging his knife on the street until
he was overcome by two passers-by
- February 5, 2006
Kinneret Ben Shalom Hajbi z"l - Age 53
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded ter4316.jpg ter4317.jpg
Four members of the Amar family were wounded after a Kassam rocket
attack from Gaza exploded just outside their home in Kibbutz Carmia.
Their 2 month old baby sustained a head wound and was initially listed
in serious condition. The child’s father and uncle, and a pregnant woman,
who were lightly wounded in the attack, were evacuated to Barzilai hospital in
- February 2, 2006
wounded baby ter4312.jpg ter4313.jpg
Update: Saturday Night, February 4: The condition of Osher Amar
(injured from the attack) improved over the Sabbath.
The two-month old infant is reported to be in moderate condition.

A female terrorist was caught at the Hawara Checkpoint outside of
Shechem. The terrorist was found with pipe bombs on her person.
- February 2, 2006
Rockets were fired at Sderot from Gaza and the Negev area.
No one was injured.
- January 31, 2006
31 people were wounded when a arab terrorist blew himslef up
near the old central bus station in Tel Aviv.
- January 19, 2006
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter4304.jpg ter4305.jpg ter4306.jpg ter4307.jpg
ter4308.jpg ter4309.jpg ter4310.jpg
Dozens of rockets have been fired at Sderot from Gaza
in the past week. Rockets have also been fired at Ashkelon.
No injuries have been reported.
- January 1 - 5, 2006
Hundreds of Palestinians streamed unchecked into Egypt Wednesday and
two Egyptian soldiers were killed after militants broke through a Gaza-Egypt
border wall with stolen bulldozers. Two Egyptian soldiers were killed and
27 wounded by gunfire, Egyptian officials said, in the mayhem at the border.
- January 4, 2006
ter4296.jpg ter4297.jpg ter4298.jpg ter4299.jpg

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