We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 9/18: January 2004 - August 2004

16 people were killed and over 100 wounded (several in critical
condition) when two suicide bombers exploded almost simultaneously on
two buses in central Beersheba. The explosions took place on buses
numbers 12 and 7, traveling opposite the municipality building at 2:55 p.m.
- August 31, 2004
Aviel Atash z"l - Age 3 Aviel's mother, Rachel, was seriously injured in the attack.
Karine Malka z"l - Age 23
Emmanuel Yosepov z"l - Age 28
Tamara Dibrashvilli z"l - Age 70
Tatiana Korchesko z"l
Roman Sokolovsky z"l - Age 51
Larisa Gomanenko z"l - Age 48
Denise Hadad z"l - Age 40
Rosa Lehman z"l
Tekele Tiroyaient z"l - Age 33
Shoshana Amos z"l - Age 64
Margareta Sokolov z"l
Vitaly Brodsky z"l - Age 52
Nargiza Oststovsky z"l - Age 54 (wife of Vitaly) - no picture yet
Eliyahu Ozan z"l - Age 58
name not released yet
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter3635.jpg ter3636.jpg ter3637.jpg ter3638.jpg
ter3639.jpg ter3640.jpg ter3641.jpg ter3642.jpg
ter3643.jpg ter3644.jpg ter3645.jpg ter3646.jpg
ter3647.jpg (R) ter3648.jpg (R) ter3649.jpg (R) ter3650.jpg
ter3651.jpg ter3652.jpg ter3653.jpg ter3654.jpg
ter3655.jpg memorial
Ha'aretz article: 16 dead in twin suicide attacks on Be'er Sheva buses
20,000 Palestinians openly celebrate the bus bombings - August 31, 2004
(20,000 is an estimate by Ha'aretz - see above article)
ter3656.jpg ter3657.jpg ter3658.jpg ter3659.jpg
A suicide bombing attack was prevented at the Erez Crossing in
northern Gaza this morning. Soldiers detected the terrorist was carrying
a forged entry pass to permit him to cross into Green Line Israel.
The immediate action of soldiers led to the detection of the
terrorist's bomb shorts. A good portion of the bomb was hidden
in his crotch area.
- August 31, 2004
A child was lightly hurt and 34 people were treated for shock after
Palestinians fired two Qassam rockets at the Negev city of Sderot
- August 19, 2004
ter3624.jpg ter3625.jpg ter3626.jpg
One person was seriously wounded when a terrorist-fired mortar
shell landed near the entrance to N'vei Dekalim in Gush Katif.
At least one other person was treated for shock.
- August 18, 2004
wounded ter3623.jpg
An Israeli, father of seven children, was shot dead by a Palestinian
gunman close to the town of Itamar, south of Shechem.
- August 13, 2004
Shlomo Miller z"l - Age 50
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral ter3621.jpg
An Israel Defense Forces soldier was seriously wounded by
a Palestinian sniper , as military troops operated against the
terror infrastructure in the Rafah refugee camp, in the
southern Gaza Strip. - August 12, 2004
At least six persons were injured when a terrorist detonated
a bomb at an improvised military checkpoint near the A-Ram
Checkpoint on Jerusalem's northern border. Three of the
Israeli border policemen wounded are in serious condition.
- August 11, 2004
ter3613.jpg ter3614.jpg
Two Israelis were lightly hurt when Palestinian terrorists
opened fire at a bus - and detonated a remote-controlled explosive
device nearby at the same time. The attack occurred on the road
connecting Peduel and Alei Zahav, just west of Ariel.
- August 10, 2004
Six people were injured when Kassams rockets, fired from Gaza,
directly hit an apartment in Sderot. Family members were not injured
because they spent the night in Be'er Sheva, for fear of Kassam
rockets. The injured were people standing outside the apartment.
Sderot is located in the Negev, three kilometers from northern Gaza.
- August 2, 2004
ter3609.jpg ter3610.jpg ter3611.jpg ter3612.jpg
Six persons were injured in a mortar shell attack in the
southern Gush Katif community of N'vei Dekalim. One of the
injured is a child reported in moderate-to-serious condition.
- July 25, 2004
An IDF soldier was shot and wounded by sniper fire
directed at a southern Gaza outpost in the area of N'vei Dekalim.
- July 25, 2004
Two Israeli civilians were lightly wounded from shots fired
at their vehicle east of Tapuah in Samaria. - July 18, 2004
A female IDF soldier was killed and over 30 people were wounded
- including four in moderate-to-serious condition - in an Arab terror
attack in southern Tel Aviv. A moderate-sized explosive device was
planted adjacent to a bus stop on Har Tzion Blvd., near Tel Aviv's
old central bus station. - July 11, 2004
Sergeant Maayan Naim z"l - Age 19
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter3596.jpg
ter3597.jpg ter3598.jpg ter3599.jpg ter3600.jpg
Five Israel Defense Forces soldiers, among them two officers
with the rank of colonel, were wounded when Palestinian militants
fired an anti-tank missile and detonated a roadside bomb near the
jeep in which the troops were travelling, close to the Gaza Strip
settlement of Morag. The missile fired at the jeep missed its target,
and the explosive device caused the injuries. One of the wounded
had to have his leg amputated. - July 8, 2004
wounded ter3592.jpg
An Israel Defense Forces officer in the elite naval commando unit
Shayetet 13 was killed and three other soldiers were wounded,
in a gun battle with wanted Palestinian militants in the Ein Beit-Ilma
refugee camp in Shechem. - July 6, 2004
Captain Moran Vardi z"l - Age 25
An Israeli was murdered in a gunfire attack on his car near
Mevo Dotan. His wife sustained light injuries.
- July 4, 2004
Victor Kreiderman z"l - Age 49
funeral ter3589.jpg
Two people, one of them a 4 year old child, were killed and more
than 20 others, including youngsters, were wounded, when four
Qassam rockets landed near a kindegarten, in the southern
town of Sderot. - June 28, 2004
Afik Zehavi z"l - Age 4 years old
Mordecai Yosefov z"l - Age 50
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded ter3578.jpg ter3579.jpg ter3580.jpg
ter3581.jpg ter3582.jpg ter3583.jpg ter3584.jpg
ter3585.jpg area map
One soldier was killed and five other soldiers were wounded after
Palestinians set off a massive explosion in a tunnel underneath a
large IDF fortification in the Gaza Strip. - June 27, 2004
Ro'i Nissim z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded ters3569.jpg ter3570.jpg
A terrorist taking part in a planned two-pronged attack in Kfar
Darom in Gaza fired at IDF soldiers, but hit a Thai worker instead.
The Thai worker died of his wounds a few hours later.
- June 21, 2004
Weerachai Wongput (r.i.p.) - Age 37 - from Thailand (no picture available)
An IDF officer was shot dead by a Palestinian gunman following
an intelligence-gathering mission out the outskirts of the
Balata refugee camp near Shechem. - May 29 ,2004
Major Shahar Ben-Yishai z"l - Age 25
funeral funeral funeral funeral
Two Israel Defense Forces soldiers were lightly injured when a
"jeep-bomb" exploded near a civilian convoy traveling in the
Israel-Egypt border area near Rafah. A dirt embankment built
on the route absorbed most of the shock wave and prevented
additional casualties. - May 29 ,2004
ter3550.jpg ter3551.jpg ter3552.jpg
The IDF undercovered another tunnel in Rafia used by
Palestinians for smuggling weapons from Egypt into Gaza.
- May 22 ,2004
ter3547.jpg ter3548.jpg ter3549.jpg
A suicide bomber struck at the Bekaot roadblock in the northern
Jordan Valley, injuring one Israel Defense Forces soldier and
four Palestinian bystanders.
"The alertness and swift response of the Nahal Haredi soldiers
prevented an attack that could have had grave results," said
Col. Roni Belkin, Jordan Valley district commander.
- May 22 ,2004
Two Israelis were moderately wounded when Palestinian
terrorists fired shots at their car near the settlement of
Ma'ale Shomron, east of Kalkilya. - May 19 ,2004
Two IDF soldiers were killed and two moderately wounded when
Palestinians opened fire at soldiers deployed in the Rafah refugee
camp near the border with Egypt. - May 14, 2004

Staff Sergeant Alexei Hayat z"l - Age 20
Staff Sergeant Rotem Adam z"l - Age 21
wounded ter3541.jpg
Five soldiers were killed and three wounded when an armored
personnel carrier containing explosives was hit by anti-tank rocket
in the Philadelphia Corridor in the southern Gaza Strip.
The force of the blast scattered parts of the armored carrier over a
400-meter radius into the town of Rafah. The soldiers, all members
of a combined engineering and combat force, were on a routine
operation to detect tunnels used to smuggle weapons to the
terrorist organizations and blow them up. - May 12, 2004

First Lieutenant Avi Hakani z"l - Age 23
Sergeant Lior Vishinski z"l - Age 20
Sergeant Za'ur Smeilev z"l - Age 20
Sergeant Major Aiman Gadir z"l - Age 24
Corporal Elad Cohen z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
ter3515.jpg ter3516.jpg ter3517.jpg ter3518.jpg
Six Israeli soldiers were killed after their armored personnel
carrier drove over a 100-kilogram explosive planted under the
road in Gaza. Hamas terrorists gleefully displayed and played with
the body parts in front of cameras.
IDF forces entered the city on a mission to locate and blow up
explosives labs, destroying at least two of them; several others
of the 20 suspected labs were also located. - May 11, 2004

Sergeant Aviad Deri z"l
Staff Sergeant Ofir Gerbi z"l - Age 20
Sergeant Edron Amar z"l - Age 20
Sergeant Eitan Neuman z"l
Sergeant Kobi Mizrahi z"l - Age 19
Sergeant Jacob Marvizi z"l - Age 26
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral in Serbia
ter3496.jpg (R) ter3497.jpg ter3498.jpg ter3499.jpg
ter3500.jpg ter3501.jpg ter3502.jpg ter3509.jpg (R)
Two Palestinian terrorists opened fire at several hundred mourners
gathered at the site where Tali Hatuel and her four daughters were
gunned down and murdered on the Kissufim crossing a week ago.
The exchange of fire between IDF troops and the gunmen lasted for
half an hour, during which the settlers remained on the ground and
hid behind vehicles and mounds of earth.
No one was wounded in the attack.
Several residents were treated for shock.
IDF forces spotted three terrorists, a tank fired a shell hitting two
and the third was hit by light weapons. Two of the terrorists were
dressed as women. - May 9, 2004

ter3492.jpg ter3493.jpg ter3494.jpg ter3495.jpg
Another weapons smuggling tunnel was discovered
between Egypt and Gaza. - May 9, 2004

ter3489.jpg ter3490.jpg ter3491.jpg
An Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed and six others were
wounded by Hezbollah fire on IDF outposts in the Har Dov area
close to the Lebanese border. - May 7, 2004

Staff Sergeant Dennis Laminov z"l - Age 21
funeral funeral
wounded wounded
In a devastating terror attack, Gazan Arabs murdered a
Jewish mother in her 8th month of pregnancy and her
four children - spraying their car with bullets and
then shooting each child repeatedly at point-blank range.
The attack was perpetrated on the Kissufim Road leading
into Gush Katif, along Israel's southern Mediterranean coast.
Another civilian and two soldiers were wounded in ensuing
exchanges of fire. - May 2, 2004

Tali Hatuel z"l - Age 34
Hila z"l - Age 11, Hadar z"l - Age 9, Roni z"l - Age 7, Merav z"l - Age 2
Additional Pictures
Family Picture
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded
ter3481.jpg ter3482.jpg ter3483.jpg
A car bomb blew up just outside Kfar Darom, wounding four soldiers
who were 30 meters away - one of them moderately-to-seriously.
The terrorists attempted to deflect attention in two ways:
The jeep sported an Israeli flag, and fired an anti-tank missile at
Kfar Darom at the same time.
Despite all, the soldiers in a jeep near the Kfar Darom junction
noticed the car dashing suspiciously away from Kfar Darom,
and called upon it to stop. When it did not, the soldiers opened fire,
causing the car to explode and wounding the soldiers themselves -
but preventing a much worse catastrophe.
- April 28, 2004

wounded wounded
ter3464.jpg ter3465.jpg ter3466.jpg ter3467.jpg
A border policeman was killed and three others were injured
by shots fired at their vehicle near Hebron.
- April 25, 2004

Corporal Yaniv Mashiach z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral
wounded wounded
One Israeli was seriously injured in a shooting attack
in the Givat Hamivtar neighborhood in Jerusalem.
- April 19, 2004

One Israeli was killed and 3 wounded when a Palestinian worker
wearing a belt of explosives blew himself up at the Erez industrial
zone. - April 17, 2004

Border Police Cpl. Kfir Ohayon z"l - Age 20
wounded ter3455.jpg ter3456.jpg
A female Palestinian terrorist, the mother of six children,
was apprehended in Ariel, just before the 20-kilogram explosive
pack she was carrying could explode. - April 15, 2004

Weapons seized from gun smugglers from Egypt.
- April 13, 2004

Our "peace partners" rally in Jenin
- April 3, 2004

ter3446.jpg ter3447.jpg ter3448.jpg ter3449.jpg
An Israeli was murdered murdered and his daughter, age14,
was wounded when a terrorist infiltrated Avnei Hefetz
shortly before 1 a.m. on Shabbat morning. The terrorist
was released from an Israeli jail in Kedumim last week.
- April 3, 2004

Ya'acov (Kobi) Zaga z"l - Age 40 - father of six
funeral funeral
wounded ter3444.jpg ter3445.jpg
A 14-and-a-half-year-old Palestinian boy wearing a suicide
bomber belt was captured by IDF troops near the Hawara
roadblock near Nablus, the same place an 11-year-old boy
was caught with a bomb last week.
Channel Two news reported that the boy received 100 NIS
for carrying the belt and exploding near Israeli targets.
- March 24, 2004

ter3438.jpg ter3439.jpg ter3440.jpg ter3441.jpg
A Jerusalem Arab resident was murdered in a Fatah terror attack.
He was shot and killed on Friday night in a terror attack while
jogging in the French Hill neighborhood of the capital.
The al-Aqsa Brigade of Yasser Arafat's Fatah terror organization
claimed responsibility. After realizing that an Arab was killed,
the terror organization issued an apology. - March 20, 2004

George Khouri r.i.p. - Age 20
funeral funeral ter3434 ter3435
An 11-year-old boy was used as a human bomb.
By a miracle the bomb did not go off. - March 15, 2004

The 11 year old
News Article
Ten people were killed and 16 were wounded when two terrorist
suicide bombers detonated explosives in a port facility
in Ashdod. - March 14, 2004

Avi Avraham z"l - Age 33
Morris Tubul z"l - Age 30
Moshe Handler z"l - 29
Avi Suissa z"l - Age 56
Tzion Dahan z"l - Age 30
Ofir Demari z"l - Age 31
Gil Abutbul z"l - Age 38
Danny Assulin z"l - Age 51
Avraham Pinhas Zilberman z"l - Age 46
Mazal Marciano z"l - Age 30
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter3402.jpg
ter3403.jpg ter3404.jpg ter3405.jpg ter3406.jpg
ter3407.jpg ter3408.jpg ter3409.jpg ter3410.jpg
Six Palestinians were killed - four militants and two policemen -
during an attack on the Erez crossing in northern Gaza that
involved rifle fire and explosives-laden jeeps.
The IDF did not sustain any injuries.
Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the military wing of Fatah all
claimed responsibility. - March 6, 2004

ter3395.jpg ter3396.jpg ter3397.jpg ter3398.jpg
An Israeli couple were gunned down by terrorists as
they drove on the Hebron-Beersheba road between
Eshkolot and Sansana on Friday night.
The two are survived by their two-year-old daughter, Michelle.
- February 27, 2004

Eitan Kukoi z"l - Age 30
Rima Novikov z"l - Age 27 (Eitan's wife)
funeral funeral funeral ter3390.jpg
One Israeli was killed and two were wounded in a gun battle
between soldiers and two armed terrorists at the main entrance
to the Erez joint industrial zone. The two Palestinians entered the
terminal carrying AK-47 assault rifles and grenades.
They opened fire at a group of Israelis standing near the
guard gate, and critically wounded one, who later died.
Both terrorists were killed.
- February 26, 2004

IDF Sergeant-Major (reserves) Amir Zimmerman z"l - Age 25
funeral ter3387.jpg
Protest in the Hague (during the fence hearings)
in memory of the terrorism victims.
- February 23, 2004

ter3376.jpg ter3377.jpg ter3378.jpg ter3379.jpg
ter3380.jpg ter3381.jpg ter3382.jpg ter3383.jpg
Eight people were killed and 62 people were wounded
(10 in serious and critical condition) in a suicide bombing
on a bus in the German Colony neighborhood in Jerusalem.
- February 22, 2004

Staff Sergeant Nathaniel Havshush z"l - Age 20
Lior Azulai z"l - Age 18 - 12th grader
Yehuda Haim z"l - Age 48
       Article: Murder of Our Sandwich Man in Jerusalem
Yuval Ozana z"l - Age 31
Bnayahu Jonathan Zuckerman z"l - Age 18 - 12th grader
Yaffa Ben-Shimol z"l - Age 57
Rahamim (Rami) Doga z"l - Age 37
Ilan Avisedris z" - Age 41
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded ter3345.jpg ter3346.jpg
ter3347.jpg ter3348.jpg ter3349.jpg ter3350.jpg
ter3351.jpg ter3352.jpg ter3353.jpg ter3354.jpg
ter3355.jpg memorial
Two Israeli soldiers were lightly wounded in a two-pronged attack
on their convoy on the Netzarim-Karni road. A roadside bomb was
activated as the convoy drove by, while simultaneously gunfire
was directed at them. - February 20, 2004

Eleven people were killed and 50 wounded (10 in very serious
condition) when a suicide bomber exploded inside a bus (#19) on the
corners of Gaza and Arlozorov streets in Jerusalem.
The suicide bomber was a Palestinian policeman.
- January 29, 2004

Chana Anya Bunder z"l - Age 38
Dana Itach z"l - Age 24
Avraham (Albert) Balhasan z"l - Age 28 (no picture yet)
Yechezkel Goldberg z"l - Age 41        2 articles about Chezi Goldberg
    Because, if you don't cry, who will? by Yechezkel Chezi Goldberg (Dec. 3, 2001)
Natalia Gamril z"l - Age 53
Eli Tsfira z"l - Age 48
Baruch Hondiashvilli z"l - Age 38
Octovian Floresco Viorel z"l - Age 42
Rose Bona z"l - Age 39
Anat Darom z"l - Age 23
Manbara Valdi Tzadik z"l - Age 35 - a foreign worker from Ethiopia
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter3300.jpg ter3301.jpg ter3302.jpg ter3303.jpg
ter3304.jpg ter3305.jpg ter3306.jpg ter3307.jpg
ter3308.jpg ter3309.jpg memorial memorial
Three IDF soldiers and a civilian were killed and ten injured when
a suicide bomber blew herself up at the Erez checkpoint in the
Gaza Strip. The female terrorist (mother of two) evaded metal
detectors by claiming she had platinum insets in her legs.
Because she was a woman, a female soldier was sent for,
to inspect her. The terrorist made use of the waiting period
for the arrival of the woman soldier, made her way further
into the complex, and exploded. The Erez crossing is intended to
allow Palestinians to work in Israel and provide for their families.
- January 13, 2004

Staff-Sergeant Vladimir Trostinsky z"l - Age 22
Staff Sergeant Tzur Or z"l - Age 20
Corporal Andrei Kegeles z"l - Age 19
Gal Shapira z"l - Age 28
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded ter3270.jpg
ter3271.jpg ter3272.jpg ter3273.jpg
An Israeli, the father of five (including 2 month old triplets),
was murdered and three Israelis were wounded when terrorists
shot at their vehicle as it traveled near Talmon in Samaria.
- January 13, 2004

Ro'i Arbel z"l - Age 29
funeral funeral funeral
wounded ter3262.jpg
Two IDF officers were moderately wounded when a bomb
exploded near their jeep while searching for fugitives in the
Shechem casbah. - January 1, 2004


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