We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 11/18: April - August 2003

An Israeli man was killed and his pregnant wife was wounded
in an ambush shooting attack in eastern Binyamin, between
the Shilo bloc and the Jordan Valley. - August 29, 2003

Shalom Har-Melekh z"l - Age 25
wounded ter2981.jpg ter2982.jpg ter2983.jpg
Qassam rockets were fired from Gaza and hit
the Israeli city of Ashkelon.
There were no injuries. - August 28, 2003

ter2976.jpg ter2977.jpg ter2978.jpg
An Israeli that was wounded on the August 12 attack
at Ariel, died of his wounds. - August 28, 2003

Amatzia Nisanovitz z"l - Age 22
Qassam rockets were fired from Gaza and hit homes in the
southern Israeli town of Sderot.
There were no injuries. - August 22, 2003

ter2973.jpg ter2974.jpg
A suicide bomber blew himself up on board a bus in Jerusalem,
killing 22 people and wounding 136, many of them children and babies.
12 of the wounded are considered in very serious condition.
- August 19, 2003

September 5 Update:
A seriously wounded victim of the bombing died of his wounds.
Lilach Kardi 22
Menachem Liebel z"l - Age 24
Shmuel Zargari z"l - Age 11 month old baby
Rabbi Eliezer Weisfish z"l - Age 42
Mordechai Reinitz z"l - Age 49
Issachar Reinitz z"l - Age 9 - the son of Mordechai
Goldie Taubenfeld z"l - Age 43 - from New York, mother of 13 children
Shmuel Taubenfeld z"l - Age 3 months old
Yaakov Binder z"l - Age 50
Liba Schwartz z"l - Age 57
Binyamin Bergman z"l - Age 15
Miriam Eisenstein z"l - Age 20 (no picture yet)
Rabbi Hanoch Segal z"l - Age 65
Chava Nechama Rechnitzer z"l - Age 19 (no picture yet)
Shmuel Wilner z"l - Age 50
Avraham Bar Or z"l - Age 12 (no picture yet)
Feiga Dushkinski z"l - Age 50
Elisheva Meshulami z"l - Age 16 (no picture yet)
Tehilla Nathanson z"l - Age 3 years old
Marie Antonia z"l - Age 39 - Filipian worker
Fruma Weitz z"l - Age 73
Rabbi Mordechai Laufer z"l - Age 27
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded ter2917.jpg ter2918.jpg
ter2919.jpg ter2920.jpg ter2921.jpg ter2922.jpg
ter2923.jpg ter2924.jpg ter2925.jpg ter2926.jpg
ter2927.jpg ter2928.jpg ter2929.jpg ter2930.jpg
ter2931.jpg ter2932.jpg memorial memorial
memorial memorial memorial memorial
A 17-year-old girl from Ginot Shomron was wounded in a terrorist shooting
attack near Yitzhar, just south of Shechem. - August 17, 2003
An Israeli was killed and two people were seriously wounded
by a suicide bombing attack at a bus stop outside the
Shomron city of Ariel. - August 12, 2003 ~ 10:00 am
Update August 28:
A second victim Amatzia Nisanovitz died of his wounds
Erez Hershkovitz z"l - Age 18
Amatzia Nisanovitz z"l - Age 22
wounded wounded ter2905.jpg ter2906.jpg
An Israeli was killed and eight were wounded when a suicide bomber
blew himself up inside a supermarket in the N'vei Afek neighborhood
of eastern Rosh HaAyin. - August 12, 2003 ~ 9:00 am
Yechezkel Yekutiel z"l - Age 43
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral wounded ter2899.jpg ter2900.jpg
ter2901.jpg ter2902.jpg
A 16-year-old boy was killed and four other people were
lightly wounded after Hizbullah terrorist shelled the
northern town of Shlomi. - August 10, 2003
Haviv Dadon z"l - Age 16
funeral ter2886.jpg ter2887.jpg
wounded ter2888.jpg map
6 people sustained light injuries and were treated for anxiety
following a rocket attack into the southern Gush Katif
community of Morag. The projectile was fired from an area
under PA control between Khan Yunis and Rafiach.
- August 9, 2003
An Israeli soldier was killed in a battle with Palestinian terrorists
in a refugee camp near Shechem.
- August 8, 2003
Staff-Sergeant Roi Oren z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral
An Israeli mother and her three children were wounded in an
ambush shooting as they drove on the Walaja bypass road that links
Gush Etzion to Jerusalem. The mother is in serious condition.
- August 3, 2003
wounded wounded ter2878.jpg ter2879.jpg
An 11-year-old girl was lightly wounded in a leg by terrorist
gunfire in the Shomron. Gunfire was directed at a vehicle traveling
near the community of Yitzhar. - July 28, 2003
The body of missing soldier Cpl. Oleg Shaikhet of Upper Nazareth,
was discovered on Monday morning a week after he went missing.
The body was found buried in an olive grove near Arab villages
not far from his home. - July 28, 2003
Oleg Shaikhet z"l - Age 20
A 40 year old Israeli resident of Jerusalem riding home on bicycle
Wednesday night was stabbed and moderately wounded by four
Arab assailants near the city's northern Shuafat refugee camp.
- July 23, 2003
A 64 year old Israeli man out for an evening walk with a friend
was stabbed and moderately wounded in Jerusalem's central
Yemin Moshe neighborhood, in what police suspect was a
terror-related attack. - July 20, 2003
An elite Israel Defense Forces unit located missing cab driver
Eliyahu Gurel alive near the West Bank city of Ramallah
late Tuesday night. Close to midnight, special forces
located Gurel, who had been missing since Friday afternoon,
in an abandoned building in Bitouniyah, west of Ramallah.
Soldiers from the crack Sayeret Matkal unit broke into the
building, to find Gurel alone and bound, after his captors
apparently fled. Not one shot was fired, and Gurel was taken
to safety. - July 15, 2003
Article about the rescue
Hebrew article about the rescue (picture format)
Eliyahu Gurel ter2868.jpg ter2869.jpg ter2870.jpg
Ma'ariv Headlines Yediot Headlines
An Israeli man was killed and two others wounded when a
Palestinian armed with a long-bladed knife stabbed passersby on
Tel Aviv's beachfront promenade, close to Jaffa. - July 15, 2003
Amir Simhon z"l - Age 24
funeral funeral
ter2862.jpg ter2863.jpg ter2864.jpg
An Israeli woman was killed when a Palestinian terrorist
blew himself up in Moshav Kfar Ya'vetz. - July 7, 2003
Mazal Afari z"l - Age 65 - mother of eight
funeral funeral
ter2858.jpg ter2859.jpg ter2860.jpg
Four Israelis were wounded when rockets were fired at the
Jewish community of Kfar Darom from the Palestinian town of
Dir al-Balah. - July 2, 2003
A Bulgarian construction worker was killed in a shooting
attack near the northern West Bank town of Jenin.
The Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a group associated with Yasser Arafat's
Fatah party, claimed responsibility for the attack. - June 30, 2003
Krastyu Radkov z"l - Age 46 - from Bulgaria
An Israeli soldier was killed in a Gaza Strip
operation against the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure.
One soldier was also wounded during the course of the operation
that began after the IDF received a warning that a major terror
attack was on the verge of being carried out at the Karni-Netzarim
crossing in the Gaza Strip. - June 27, 2003
Staff Sergeant Erez Ashkenazi z"l
An Israeli civilian was wounded Thursday night in a
shooting attack on his car near the settlement of Beitar Ilit,
west of Bethlehem. - June 26, 2003
A 15-year old Palestinian terrorist murdered a telephone company
worker in Baka al-Garbiye, on the pre-'67 side of Green Line Israel.
Two Bezeq company workers had arrived to make phone line repairs,
and one was sitting in the car when the terrorist approached and
fired at him. The Bezeq guard took off in pursuit, and fired and
wounded the terrorist. - June 26, 2003
Amos Amit Mantin z"l - Age 31
ter2849.jpg ter2850.jpg
A soldier was wounded lightly by shrapnel in a gunbattle in
the northern Gaza Strip.
Several Kassam rockets launched from PA-controlled
northern Gaza landed in S'derot. There were no injuries.
Police thwarted a bomb attack in central Israel, arrested two
Palestinians, and confiscated their explosives, near the
Israeli-Arab town of Kfar Kassem. - June 25, 2003
An Israeli-American from the settlement of Eli was murdered and
his parents and wife wounded, when a terrorist shot up their
vehicle north of Ofra.
The family was heading for Jerusalem to celebrate Shabbat with
their son, David, who had been married the day before.
As well as their son's wedding, the couple were also
elebrating their twenty-seventh wedding anniversary.
- June 19, 2003
Zvi Goldstein z"l - Age 47
wounded wounded
wedding celebration wedding celebration wedding celebration
How our next door neighbors are seeking "peace".
- June 18, 19, 2003
ter2835.jpg ter2836.jpg ter2837.jpg ter2838.jpg
A Palestinian suicide bomber killed a 63-year-old grocery store
owner when he blew himself up at the entrance to the shop in
Moshav Sdei Trumot. "Our assumption is that [the terrorist] did not
intend to blow himself up at the grocery, but might have been
waiting for people to gather at the nearby bus stop,"
said northern police chief Ya'akov Borovsky.
Borovsky said Mordechai probably prevented a major tragedy by
preventing the suicide bomber from penetrating the center of the
moshav, where many more people could have been killed.
- June 19, 2003
Avner Mordechai z"l - Age 63
ter2833.jpg ter2833.jpg
Kassam rockets launched by Palestinian terrorists, hit a home
in Netiv HaAsarah, south of Ashkelon and just north of the
Gaza Strip. No one was hurt. The rocket hit the living room of
the home around 4:00 AM; only three hours earlier, the mother
had taken her little daughter from the living room couch on which
she had fallen asleep and peacefully brought her to her bed -
thus possibly saving her life. - June 18, 2003
A seven-year-old Israeli girl was killed and her sister and
grandfather were wounded in a shooting attack near the
Kibbutz Eyal interchange.
Her 3 year old sister was seriously injured and has
been operated on. Her condition is now stable. - June 17, 2003
Noam Liebowitz z"l - Age 7
wounded ter2826.jpg ter2827.jpg ter2828.jpg
Two workers suffered light shrapnel wounds from mortar shells
fired at the Gush Katif settlement bloc in the Gaza Strip.
- June 17, 2003
An Israeli soldier was killed by Palestinian gunfire in Jenin.
- June 13, 2003
Mor (Mordechai) Tsayada z"l - Age 22
Two Israeli women were seriously injured when their car was
shot at near Beitilo Junction west of Binyamin, near the
Nechaliel settlements nortwest of Ramallah. - June 13, 2003
An Israeli man was killed in a shooting attack
near the village of Yabed in Shomron. - June 12, 2003
Avner Maimon z"l - Age 49
Seventeen people were killed and more than 100 were wounded
when a Hamas suicide bomber, dressed as an ultra-Orthodox Jew,
detonated his explosives belt on a bus in downtown Jerusalem.
- June 11, 2003
Malka Rene Sultan z"l - Age 68
Alan (Avraham Chaim) Beer z"l - Age 47
Elza Cohen z"l - Age 70
Sergeant Tamar Ben-Eliyahu z"l - Age 20
Alexander Kazaris z"l - Age 77
Ro'i Eliraz z"l - Age 22
Tziporah Pesichovich z"l - Age 54
Tzvi Cohen z"l - Age 39
Yaffa Mualem z"l - Age 65
Tita Martine z"l - Age 72
Yaniv Abayed z"l - Age 23
Bat-el Ochana z"l - Age 21
Eugenia Berman z"l - Age 50
Anna Or-Gal z"l - Age 55
Miriam Levy z"l - Age 74
Bianca Shahrur z"l - Age 62
Haile Abraha Hawki z"l - Age 56 - foreign worker from Eritrea
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded (R) wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded (R) wounded
wounded wounded wounded ter2767.jpg
ter2768.jpg ter2769.jpg ter2770.jpg ter2771.jpg
ter2772.jpg ter2773.jpg ter2774.jpg ter2775.jpg
ter2776.jpg ter2777.jpg ter2778.jpg ter2779.jpg
ter2780.jpg ter2781.jpg ter2782.jpg ter2783.jpg
In Memory In Memory In Memory
An Israeli was killed when two Palestinian gunmen
opened fire on him near the Machpela Cave in Hebron.
Earlier in the day two Palestinian terrorists shot and wounded
a border police officer in the same area. - June 8, 2003
St.-Sgt. Matan Gadri z"l - Age 21
Four IDF soldiers were killed and four were wounded after
Palestinian gunmen opened fire on an IDF outpost near the
Erez checkpoint in the Gaza Strip.
Three militant Palestinian groups - Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades - issued a joint statement claiming
responsibility for the Gaza attack. - June 8, 2003
Sergeant Boaz Emet z"l - Age 23
Sergeant (res.) Udi Eilat z"l - Age 38
Assaf Aberjil z"l - Age 23
Sergeant Major (res.) Chen Engel z"l - Age 31
funeral funeral funeral
wounded ter2750.jpg ter2751.jpg
Two Israelis were killed near Jerusalem.
The Jerusalem Police increasingly attribute the murder of the
two Israelis found stabbed to death in a wood close to Moshav
Even Sapir to a terror attack. The bodies were severely mutilated.
- June 4, 2003
David Shambik z"l - Age 27
Moran Menachem z"l - Age 17
funeral funeral ter2747.jpg ter2748.jpg
An Israeli was lightly injured when Palestinians fired shots at
Egged bus No. 160 at the Halhoul junction north of Hebron
late Wednesday night.
At least 5 mortar shells landed near the southern Gush Katif
community of N'vei Dekalim earlier. There were no injuries reported.
- May 28, 2003
Eight Israelis were wounded (two of them moderately),
when an explosive device went off under a bus traveling
near a Jewish community in the Gaza Strip. - May 23, 2003
wounded ter2737.jpg
Israel's navy seized a fishing boat Tuesday carrying a Hezbollah
activist and weaponry and weapon-making equipment,
believed to be heading for the Gaza Strip. - May 21, 2003
ter2731.jpg ter2732.jpg ter2733.jpg ter2734.jpg
During operations in the Shechem (Nablus) Casbah overnight,
IDF forces uncovered an explosives laboratory that manufactured
material for use in suicide bombings against Israeli civilians
and security forces. - May 20, 2003
Three people were killed and 48 were wounded when a 19 year old
female suicide bomber blew herself up at the entrance to the
Ha'amakim Mall in Afula. One security guard was killed and another
was seriously hurt, preventing more fatalities. - May 19, 2003
Kiril Shremko z"l - Age 23 (Security Guard)
Avi Zarihan z"l - Age 36
Hassan Ismail Tawatha z"l - Age 41 - of Jisr a-Zarqa
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
wounded wounded ter2712.jpg ter2713.jpg
ter2714.jpg ter2715.jpg ter2716.jpg ter2717.jpg
ter2718.jpg ter2719.jpg map
Three soldiers were injured when a suicide bomber
on a bicycle detonated his explosives near an IDF jeep
near Kfar Darom in Gaza. - May 19, 2003
ter2704.jpg ter2705.jpg ter2706.jpg
Seven Israelis were killed and 20 wounded, three of them seriously,
when a suicide bomber blew himself up on Egged bus No. 6 in
north Jerusalem.
A second suicide bomber blew himself up half an hour later,
at the entry to the Dahit al-Barid neighborhood,
in the northern outskirts of Jerusalem, without injuring others.
- May 18, 2003
Shimon Ostinsky z"l - Age 68
Nellie Perov z"l - Age 55
Olga Brenner z"l - Age 52
Marina Tzachivirshvili z"l - Age 44
Yitzhak Moyial z"l - Age 64
Roni Yisraeli z"l - Age 35
Tawil Ralab z"l - Age 42 - of Shuafat
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral
ter2688.jpg ter2689.jpg ter2690.jpg ter2691.jpg
ter2692.jpg ter2693.jpg ter2694.jpg ter2695.jpg
A husband and his pregnant wife from Kiryat Arba were murdered
on Saturday night when a suicide bomber blew himself up next to
them as they walked in Hebron's Gross Square.
- May 17, 2003
Dina Levy z"l - Age 37
Gidi Levy z"l - Age 31
Gidi and Dina Levy z"l
funeral funeral funeral funeral
An Israeli woman was lightly wounded in the leg thursday night
when Arab terrorists opened fire on her car near the Samarian
community of N'vei Tzuf. - May 15, 2003
An Israeli man was killed in a shooting attack near the settlement
of Ofra. He was apparently driving to work in the area when gunmen
opened fire on his vehicle about 500 meters north of Ofra.
- May 11, 2003
David Zion z"l - Age 53
funeral funeral ter2675.jpg ter2676.jpg
A Israeli man was killed, his six-year-old daughter and a 20-year-old
hitchhiker critically wounded, when terrorists shot at their vehicle
as they traveled near Shvut Rahel northeast of Ramallah.
- May 5, 2003
Gideon Lichterman z'l - Age 27
Nine soldiers were wounded in intense gun battles with Palestinians
during a fourteen-hour IDF operation to arrest Hamas fugitives
in the Sejaiyeh neighborhood in Gaza city. - May 1, 2003
3 people were killed and 50 wounded (10 serious to critical)
when a suicide bomber detonated a waist belt as he attempted to
enter Mike's Place, a coffee house near the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.
The security guard prevented the suicide bomber from entering
inside the coffee house. - April 30, 2003
Yanai Weiss z"l - Age 46
Ran Baron z"l - Age 24
Caroline Dominique z"l - Age 29    In Memory of Dominique (Caroline) Hass
A letter from Gavin at Mike's Place
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded wounded wounded wounded
ter2659.jpg ter2660.jpg ter2661.jpg ter2662.jpg
ter2663.jpg ter2664.jpg ter2665.jpg
An Israeli security guard was killed and 16 Israelis were
wounded when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the
new Kfar Sava railway station - April 24, 2003
Alexander Kostyuk z"l - Age 23
funeral funeral funeral funeral
Article: Kfar Sava hero a Ukraine immigrant and 'born fighter'
wounded wounded ter2635.jpg ter2636.jpg
ter2637.jpg ter2638.jpg ter2639.jpg ter2640.jpg
An IDF photographer, was killed and three other soldiers were
wounded by Palestinian gunfire in the Yabna refugee camp in
Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Lior Ziv had been sent to
Rafah to photograph Givati soldiers exposing and destroying
tunnels for smuggling arms from Egypt. - April 20, 2003
Sergeant Lior Ziv z"l - Age 19
Tunnels for smuggling arms
Two Qassam rockets were launched at the Israeli city of Sderot.
The rockets wounded an Israeli civilian, and damaged her house.
- April 20, 2003
An Israeli security guard was moderately wounded and
two soldiers lightly wounded by terrorists' gunfire
at the Shahak industrial site near Shaked in
north Samaria on Saturday night. - April 19, 2003
Two Israelis were killed and six wounded by a Palestinian terrorist
at the Karni terminal near Gaza. - April 15, 2003
Zachar Rahamin Hanukayev z"l - Age 39
Ahmed Salah Kara z"l - Age 20
One soldier was killed and two wounded by terrorist gunfire
in the Shechem district. - April 15, 2003
Lt. Daniel Mandel z"l - Age 24
Two IDF soldiers were killed and nine were wounded when
Palestinian gunmen infiltrated into a military base close to the
northern Jordan Valley town of Beka'ot.
The two gunmen were killed. - April 10, 2003
Sergeant Ofer Sharabi z"l - Age 21
Sergeant Igal Liwschitz z"l - Age 20
funeral funeral
Two security guards, stationed at the security fence near
Kibbutz Metzer,were stabbed on by Palestinian terrorists.
One of the guards, was seriously injured and was evacuated
to the Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera. - April 7, 2003
Four IDF soldiers were lightly wounded when their tank hit a
100-kilogram explosive device and overturned as a result
in southern Gaza. - April 3, 2003

We Should Not Forget
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