We Should Not Forget

There have been hundreds of shootings and bombings over the past months. Below are part of the ones that caused serious injuries or deaths. Unfortunately the world wide press does not give equal coverage when Israeli or Jewish blood is spilled.

Section 1/18: January 2011 - April 2011

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A Palestinian Authority policeman shot and killed one Israeli and wounded four others
after they prayed at Joseph's Tomb (Kever Yosef) around 6 a.m. Sunday.
- April 24, 2011
Ben Yosef Livnat z"l - Age 24
funeral funeral funeral funeral
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A 16-year-old boy was critically injured Thursday afternoon when Arab terrorists
opened fire at a school bus traveling in southern Israel near the Nahal Oz crossing.
A second person -- the driver of the bus and the only other person in the vehicle at
the time -- sustained shrapnel wounds in the leg.
- April 7, 2011

Update: April 17, 2011
The Israeli teen injured in the Gaza rocket attack on a school bus has died.
Daniel Viflic z"l - Age 16
wounded ter5171.jpg ter5172.jpg
In the last 3 days over 70 missiles were fired from Gaza into Israel.
- March 24, 2011
ter5167.jpg ter5168.jpg ter5169.jpg
A woman was killed and over 30 people were injured
when a bomb went off near a bus stop in Jerusalem.
- March 23, 2011
Mary Jane Gardner RIP - Age 59 - from England, was studying at Hebrew University
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wounded wounded wounded wounded
wounded ter5159.jpg ter5160.jpg ter5161.jpg
ter5162.jpg ter5163.jpg ter5164.jpg ter5165.jpg
Arab terrorist stabbed five family members to death in the settlement
of Itamar on Friday night. Three children, including a baby girl,
were among the murdered victims. The Fatah ‘Freedom Fighters’
stabbed the Fogel family's sleeping three year old in the heart and
slashed the throat of his three-month-old sister.
- March 11, 2011
Rabbi Udi Fogel z"l
Ruth Fogel z"l
Yoav Fogel z"l - 11 years old
Elad Fogel z"l - 4 years old
Hadas Fogel z"l - three months old
funeral funeral funeral funeral
funeral funeral funeral
ter5139.jpg ter5147.jpg ter5148.jpg ter5149.jpg
Article: Massacre of the innocents

Gaza continues to fire rockets against Israel during Februray and March.
Damaged property and people treated for shock.
February 2011 - March 2011
At least three Qassam rockets were fired at southern Israel Saturday evening,
wounding a truck driver lightly.

Three foreign workers from Thailand sustained wounds in a
mortar attack from Gaza on Saturday.
- January 8, 2010
ter5130.jpg ter5131.jpg ter5132.jpg ter5133.jpg

We Should Not Forget
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