Updated: December 4, 2008

Software I Use/Used & Recommend (Free or Shareware)
Pegasus Email
Winamp - MP3 Player
Windows Media Player
Real One Media Player
Bidi Netscape 4.61 (includes Hebrew support)
Screen Rip 32 (Freeware screen capture utility)
Shockwave Plugin - Macromedia
Free Agent - Usenet Reader
Microsoft NetMeet (talk via the Internet)
WS_FTP - File Transfers
Acrobat Reader (for .pdf files)
mIRC Chat Program
Xenu's Link Sleuth (check web links)
Fine Print (print multiple pages onto a sheet)
Free Power Point Viewer (.pps files)
Google Alert
AZ Icon Editor (use for FAVICON.ICO)
Cdex - free CD ripper (ie: create mp3s from CD's)
Savevid - Download online videos (ie: Youtube)
Other Utilities
Dialpad (free phone calls to and in the USA)
Onebox (free Voicemail, Email and Fax)
Atomica (free information utility)
PGP Software (Pretty Good Privacy)
Arachnophilia (Free Web Page Development Software)
Convert Aloud (4.25 Meg, converts any text into spoken words and MP3)
Web Copier (copy web sites for offline reading)
Top Dog Search Engine Analyzer/Submitter 5.8 (free demo)
WatchDog - Parental Control for Windows
Google Search Engine for Your Website
PC Pitstop (runs diagnostics on your PC)
SafeWeb (anonymous surfing)
Silenter (anonymous surfing)
Mail 2 Web (read your ISP mail online while traveling)
Hebrew Software / NT Admin. Utilities
FixFax (Israel branch fax to email services)
DivX Video Codec
AVG Anti-Virus Software
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
ICQ Instant Messenger
Mem Turbo - Recover and Defragment your RAM
Web Page Analyzer (beta - online free service)
Skype - Free PC to PC phone calls
Natural Reader - allows users to listen to emails, text selections, etc.
IBM Text to Speech Demo
AVG Anti-Virus (free)
PC Firewall: Black Ice Defender
PC Firewall: Zone Alarm
Open Office (like Microsoft Office but free)
Hebrew Open Office (like Microsoft Office but free)
Kerio Firewall (free version)
Agent Ransack (fast file/text search tool)
Audacity - Free Audio Editor and Recorder
PDF Creators
Kinati K2PDF - free online PDF conversion service
GoBCL - free online PDF conversion service
Cute PDF (creates PDF files)
PDF 995 (creates PDF files)
Source Forge: PDF Creator (creates PDF files)
Primo PDF (creates PDF files)
Software to Detect Web Browser Parasite / Spy Software
Spyware Info
Ad-Aware (remove spying software from your computer)
Scumware (spying software)
Karen's Power Tools
Filtering Software (stop kids from surfing questionable sites)
Net Nanny
Family Guide Book article about filtering software
Internet Filter Review
Online Services - Web Monitoring
Monitor Your Site
Internet Seer
Web Site Plus
Alert Site
Elk Monitor
Website Watcher
Net Whistle
Alert Bot
1st Warning
ASI Sitalyzer
Other Selected Sites
ZD Net Software Library BestZips
Simtel.Net Winsite
Stroud's CWSApps List TUCOWS
File Dudes PC World Online: FileWorld Dave Central Software
Tudogs Freeware - Windows 95
Walnut Creek CD Collection Netscape Browser
Live Software Archive (Win95) Jumbo
Freeware Plus Freewarenet List of Sites
Moochers Font Fusion (free Windows fonts
NONAGS Freeware / Shareware Screen Savers
TUKIDS (very good) Microsoft Kids - Free Games
PC Data - Top Selling Software List Completely Free Software
Freeware Web Super Shareware
Completely Free Software Sailcat Best Freeware List
Teach-nology - Educational Downloads
Pokemon Free Games to Download
Kid's Freeware
Pricelessware: Best in Windows Freeware
MVP Software (Shareware)
A1 YIPPEE (Shareware, Freeware, Downloads, Reviews)
Paul Scott Utilities and Games
Desktop Heaven (screen savers, wall paper, themes)
SBA'S Business Oriented Shareware
Soft Watcher - New PC Software & Upgrades
The Review Zone
The Kid's Domain
Children's PC Downloads Page
GetNetWise (restrict web surfing)
Parental Control Resources (restrict web surfing)
Macintosh Web Sites
Children's Software Revue
School House Software Reviews
SuperKids Educational Software Review
Scholastic Software Reviews
Kids Software Reviews and Sales Site
Ohio SchoolNet Software Review
Newsweek Parent's Guide to Children's Software
California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse
Sander's KeyScreeen Software Reviews
BMT Micro: Developer and Consumer Software (various platforms)
Old Version - because newer is not always better
Online Utility to Reverse Hebrew Text for the Web (Hebrew)
Educational Software Directory
Software for PDA's (Palm Pilot)
Palm Town (freeware for palm pilot) Palm Gear (Palm Pilot Software)
PilotYid - Jewish / Hebrew Penticon Technologies (Hebrew)
PDA Games
MemoWare - The PDA Document Repository
EuroCool - Palm and Visor Software
EduPalm - Palm O/S PDAs/Handhelds
Dingbat Pages Font-A-Day Font Gallery (2900+)
Cool Archive - 950 Free Fonts Freeware Fonts (large site index)
Media Builder FreeFont Library Screaming Meenies Fonts
Font Savvy The Font Pool
Font File Alphabet Fonts
Da Font (4,000+ fonts) Kids Fonts
Absolute Fonts Archive
Free Hebrew Fonts
Web Junkie - Hebrew Fonts New Salem Hebrew Fonts
Hebrew & Yiddish Fonts Fontomanina Hebrew Fonts
4 Hebrew Fonts Zooloo: 10 Hebrew Fonts
Commercial Hebrew & Jewish Fonts
Masterfont Zion Signs
Device Drivers
Mr Driver Driver Guide
Help: Drivers Video Codec List
Answers That Work: Driver Index Driver Files
The Dangerous Brothers...One World, One Region (region free dvd firmware)
Other Software Resources
VocalTec Phone (demo) Microsoft FTP Library
MAC FAQ + Software Info-Mac (Macintosh)
Fortify for Netscape (128-bit cryptography)
EasyHeb (create Hebrew text for the web)
The DLL Archive
Microsoft Word Time Management Wizard (inc. Calendars)
Israel and the Middle East Flight Simulator Add-on
Jewish Software (JR Hotsites)
Education: Computers (JR Hotsites)
Games (JR Hotsites)
Shopping: Computers (JR Hotsites)

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