Updated: June 17, 2007

Selected Hi-Tech Products and Innovations
Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards 2005
Popular Science: Best of What's New 2005
The 2004 Scientific American 50 Award
Future File Newsletter
MIT's Technology Review
Red Herring's Top Ten Trends for 2005
Kuro5hin (technology & culture articles + comments)
2001: Destination Space
Consumer Electronics Show
Science for the Millennium
ZZZ Online
JND - user advocacy and human-centered design
Battelle Technology Forecasts
The Aware Home Research Initiative
Technovelgy: Inventions from Science Fiction Books and Movies
Engadget - technology weblog
Gizmodo - gadgets weblog
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Tech Dirt
The Future of Things
The Alarm Clock (new tech venture news)
Selected Products
Electronic Ink
MPMAN (very first portable MP3 audio player)
Digital TV - Crash Course (PBS)
Digital Persona - Fingerprint Recognition System
Biometric Access - Fingerprint Recognition System
F22 Raptor Team Website (new fighter plane)
DVD Forum
Digital Digest (DVD, DivX)
Desalination Database
BioChip Net (BioChip technology)
RF-ID Technology
Explore Cornell: 3D Body Scanner
ThunderSky Lithium Battery Vehicles
Education: Energy: Cars (JR Hotsites)
LifeVest - wearable defibrillator
Sonosite Portable Ultrasound
QuickClot - traumatic wound treatment
LifePoint Saliva Based Testing Systems
Ingestible Imaging Capsule
Defibrillator delivers a therapeutic shock - no human intervention
Cloning Research
Advanced Cell Technology (cloning)
The Missyplicity Project (cloning a dog)
Nanotech Web
Brad Hein's Nanotechnology Site
Energy Resources
The International Solar Energy Society
Solar Buzz - Solar Energy Portal
Sustainable Energy Coalition
Center for Renewable Energy
Understanding Renewable Energy
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)
Weizmann Institute of Science Research Areas
Fussion Power (UK site)
Wavegen (ocean power)
Energy Resource Atlas of the United States
Fuel Cells
Fuel Cell Today
DOE: Annual Energy Outlook 2005 with Projections to 2025
DOE: Fossil Energy
Consumer Energy Center
EV World - Electric, Hybrid & Fuel Cell Vehicles
Solar News
Energy Review
Danish Wind Industry: A Guided Tour on Wind Energy
Wind Service Holland
Horns Rev Offshore Wind Farm (largest in the world)
Wind Energy Projects in the USA
Alternative Fuels Data Center
IEEE Power & Energy Magazine - Green Power Article
Renewing India - Portal on Energy and Environment
Solar and Renewable Energy in India
NAESCO - National Assoc. of Energy Service Companies
Export Council for Energy Efficiency
Alliance to Save Energy
Better Bulbs Direct (sub-compact fluorescent light bulbs)
Office of Building Technology
The Energy Foundation
Energy Star
The Home Energy Saver
UK Association for the Consevation of Energy
DOE Office of Science
Education: Energy (JR Hotsites)
Large Research Organizations
DOE Pulse: Science and Technology Highlights
Research Matters at Harvard University
Berkley Lab - Research Highlights
Research at the MIT Laboratory
IBM Research
Bell Laboratories Projects
Sandia National Laboratories
Los Alamos National Laboratories
Lawrence Livermore Laboratories
Science & Technology Review
Naval Technology
Air Force Technology
R&D Magazine
Education: Computers (JR Hotsites)
Education: How / Why (JR Hotsites)
Education: Science (JR Hotsites)
Education: Advanced Science (JR Hotsites)

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